3 things you aint seein on any vids

1-people taking a dump
2-people reloading their firearms
3-people ending their phone convo with the word “bye”
Amazing isnt it, the only time one of the
above ever is shown is if that event is somehow
incorporated into the film in q, for instance the toilet scene
in one of the Lethal weapon films, when Danny Glover gets
stuck and Mel Gibson comes to the rescue,
and if anyone else other than me ever seen each and every
episode of Married with children, then its totally beyond
belief that we never got to see Al Bundy taking
a dump, cuss he is on the toilet at least 2 mins for
every episode, either that or going or coming
to the lav, theres even an episode devoted to toilet bowls
(“ba-wosh!” lol) when AL buys a Ferguson (no idea if theres
a real company called Ferguson) and spends half the episode
sittin on it in living room, crying and remembering when he and
his dad visited the factory


currently playing  —
U2 – Achtung Baby  (1991),
NOT that im a huge fan of that particular album, except for
a couple of songs, thats kinda the case with every U2 album
as i see it, every album has 2 or 3 really good songs, and the
rest are fillers, on this album 2 of those songs are
“The fly” and “Ultra violet”,
speaking of U2 it baffles me how lousy the drummer is,
he has zero feeling in his playing, its like listening to
a drum machine thats been told to not play on time,
i rem from my days as a musician that some drum machines
actually had that feature progged into them,
but afaik noone ever used it, IF ones sooo worried about
the drums playing too tight or too accurate, why not simply
take in a drummer then?
The best ever drummer is Roger Taylor, drummer in
Duran from 80 to 85, just listen to their two first
albums, selfentitled and “Rio” and youd know what im reffing
to, hes playing with the rhythmic behaviour of the drummachine
BUT with a lot of feel, the very opposite of ummm whatever
the name is of the bloke from U2


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