the more I use Opera ..

..the less i like it, theres no support for anything
scriptwise, no adblock, no referrer-control,
no scriptcontrol (get real, having scripts to either “on” or “off”
isnt a valid option), no cookie-control other than “thirdparty cookies on
or off” (thats so uberbasic its not even close to control,
besides WHO ever has that to “on” anyhow, the fact that one can
actually choose to accept thirdparty cookies is a clear sign of
peoples ignorance and stupidity), i read the makers notes on
why they chose not to include any form of ad blocker,
and of course their reasons are truly laughable, at best,
the absolutely ONLY viable reason for even contemplating
using Opera is if the ONLY other browser available is
m$ Internets crasher, but fortunately, that isnt the case  😀
Its amazing how rigid and stale Opera feels, somehow it reminds me
of IE5, and im sure that couldnt possibly have been the objective
of those norwegians, or….?


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