driveby trojans and tight latex

Is a trend apparently, one surfs into
site whatevername and then one gets
a lil virus, despite if the surfer does nothing
on that site. Funny, it never happend to me,
but then again im not using micro$ofts
internet exploited oops explorer crappy browser,
with its inbuilt flaws in form of activex scripting,
which, of course, is a (lousy) invention by m$,
if one uses Firefox browser (or any other that
doesnt support activex) one is pretty much
totally safe, esp if the user also uses
Noscript and Adblock.


I talked to a friend recently about when
mtv didnt suck backside ie when it had
cool hosts such as Ray Cokes, Marcel Vanthilt,
Pip Dann, Paul King etc, and of course,
the most beautiful danish girl ever ie Maiken Wexo,
ill never forget the one time she presented some
program dressed in a 
tight, black latex or rubber dress
man oh man, can YOU spell woody haha ^^
Couldnt walk straight for a month. Or two. ;o


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