i wanna be an evil nazzi war criminal

I think id make a great nazi with a fairly
menacing look, at least i think so, and i know id love
to try to play one on a film :p Would be quite cool =)
Speaking of nazi war criminals, ive just seen Tarantinos
*Inglorious basterds*  (guess they dint know its spelled “bastards”)
and my verdict on tarantino still stick – hes finito.
His only truly great fivestar film is Reservoir Dogs,
thats a 5-5 rating no questions asked, a true cineastic
masterpiece, then he made Pulp fiction, fairly good 4 of 5 film,
but then for every subsequent release it became more and more
worthless, with the most crappy film of his being the Kill bill series,
overrated hyped junk, this new Basterds isnt that bad tho,
id give it a strong 2 of 5 or maybe a weak 3 of 5,
but theres 3 major flaws in it,
1-its WAY too long 2.5 hours, i nearly fell asleep
a cpl of times,
2-Anyone who ever used a submachinegun (SMG forthwirth)
knows that one doesnt hold the clip like they do in this film,
the accuracy becomes VERY poor when held that way,
granted ive seen that behaviour in many ww2 films,
but its no excuse, dont these filmmakers hire in people
who KNOWS these stuff as to make it a more realistic film?
3-“SS Colonel Landa”. Umm wtf is a SS colonel, then?
No such thing, the SS didnt use the
military command name structure
at all, the equivalent of a
Colonel in the SS was called Standartenfuhrer,
the grade of major was
Sturmbannfuhrer, a private was called Schutze and so forth,
quite lame of tarantino to miss that imho


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