overrated turks and (other) lamers

hmmmmmmmmmm, ive been thinking,
who really IS the biggest nobody in
showbiz?  After much soulseaching I narrowed it
down to a cpl of contenders –
1-Chuck Norris, 2-Dave Hasselhof,
3-Charles Bronson, 4-Pauly Shore
They are without any doubts 4 of the biggest
zeros on the telly-movies ever, so choosing
just one of the above IS imposs,
so i decided to let them share the
“biggest noobody award in the media”,
next is The most unneeded bandmember in a band award,
1-Andrew Ridgeley of Wham, 2-Lol Tolhurst of The Cure,
3-Andy fletcher of Depeche Mode, and the “winner” is
Andy “fletch” fletcher, a more superfluos and unneeded
character in a band has never been beheld before,
he hasnt written and contributed even one  song,
doesnt play anything live, hasnt played anything on an
album since 1981 (!), and reading Steve Malins
biography over Depeche Mode is the most hilarious
book ever, it def was commissioned by Fletch as a defense speech
(hmmm “En dåres försvarstal” anyone haha) cuss pageup and
pagedown its about “oooo indeed, Mr Fletcher is a very needed
band member of Depeche Mode and ” blahblah, such bullshit and
roosterpoop, as an (ex) musician in electronic music and production
i know what im talking about, and hearing feltch yappin that
“we never been this good” after Alans departure is hilarious,
when they did “Ultra” (first album without Alan) they hired in
THREE musicians (yup, THREE, ie THREE musicians to fillup
for ONE aka Alan…), that pretty much sums it up.


Been playing a lil Far Cry lately, and i rem why i
quit doing a mod for it in 2006 – that cry engine is kinda
worthless, only the Xray engine (ie the Stalker game) is
more roosterpoopish, the latter was progged by a cpl of
semiretarded russkis and the former by a cpl of
greekish or turkish brothers, Yardie something,
obviously inbred, and very overrated,
“no theyre great they did crysis!”, haha no, actually
their involvement in the followup to Far cry is very minimal,
they were prob on some beach somewhere sippin wine spritzers
and living it up on royalty payments, no doubt catching up on the
lack of teenlife they never had, being nerds and xmas kiddies


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