truly cretinous pimps

two chicks and some bloke has pimped

out a 14yearold handicapped (downs syndrome

i believe) girl to hundreds of men (i use the term

“men”  in its widest possible term as to include

even sad sad tossers who visits whores),

im not pro death penalty, but i wonder what sorta of

punishment would be fitting for such lowlives?

Their defence strategy included the ubercliche

statement of “she wanted to do it, we are innocent”

The world is full, to the rim apparently,

of faxtards

Some chick was killed the other day,

she was an avid World of warcraft (yawn)

player, so obviously the semifascist christian

rightwing has gotten water on their mills

by the fact she was a puter gamer,

its very convenient (as well as uber anal)

to have something to blame everything on,

the nazis had the jews, the 50s had Elvis,

the 60s had Beatles, the 80s had mullet hairdos

(altho they ARE guilty of everything there is cuss

that hairdo, also known as “hockey hairdo”

totally suxxxx) et cetera

Now playing  —

Depeche Mode – Black Celebration (remastered)

I rediscovered their 1986 album, except for the

track “Sometimes” its a great album


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