how to BL0CK awempire on ImageFap

As you prob know theres an evil popup (actually its
a PopUnder, or PopUndr in this case) that
atm no plugin can block, at least not yet,
but theres a simple solution,
you must accept the Imagefap cookie (yes i know,
obviously one never accepts cookie from such sites)
or it wont work, then make sure javascript is ON,
then copy and paste this code in Location bar –

“javascript:setCookie(“popundr”, 100*365*24*60*60000);void(0)” 
(minus the ” of course) and then you can, in theory, not see
the ghy annoying awempire popunder for a full year  🙂

For those interested, this is the IP to
“”  —

and this  — is the IP
to “”

Needless to say this is lines from my HOSTS


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