30 november

Is a date associated with troubles and streetfighting
in Sweden, hordes of skinheads/neonazis
fights with anarchists/communists/immigrants/autonomists/etc,
funny thing is they have NO idea about the FACTS surrounding
this date, the date they actually fight is prob the only
accurate thing here, on this date Anno 1718 in Fredrikshald,
Norway, Swedish king Karl XII died of a bullet to his head
while laying in the trenches, supervising the Swedish soldiers’
work on the trenches, wether or not it was a Norwegian soldiers’
bullet or some assassin’s bullet isnt important (to this discussion),
king Karl is one of the most misunderstood characters
in Swedish history, hes been regarded from everything
ranging from a warcrazed psychopatch to a freedom fighter,
ones opinion is always ones opininion, but looking at FACTS,
hes anything but psychopathic warlord, in order to be one
of them one must actually start wars and wage aggression
against other countries/people, right? Well, he didnt start any wars
at all, in 1700 a coalition of various countries, incl Denmark and
Poland, attacked the young Karl XII (his father Karl XI died in 1697
of stomach cancer while young prince Karl was only 15)
thinking that Sweden was an easy pray with the young, inexperienced
Karl at the throne, but little did they realise the formidable soldier
and leader that was king Karl, after a swift move to
Denmark, robbed by his just victory by diplomats,
he went to Narva and conquered it from the russians (led by
Tsar Peter, nicked Peter the Great) outnumbered by a factor of
1 to 5 (!), and that was the first victory of Karl XII in the war thats
called The great Nordic War (“Stora Nordiska Kriget”)
but i digress, the point is that he def was NOT
a mad warmonger (cough Bush cough) neither was he
a racist or an early form of Hitler or anything
close to that, actually he deployed a lot of Turks in his army,
as well as many other nationalities, he didnt seek a war,
he got one landed on himself and then did his best defending
himself and Sweden, i fail to see how THAT is warmonging
or madness, if youre attacked you defend yourself, right?
Its THAT simple, its just very sad that nazis and other
“patriots” that knows sodall about FACTS hails him as
an idol   😦
He was a man of his word and he was the last king
(of Sweden and anywhere else for that matters afaik)
that didnt say “Go!” to his troops, he said “Come!”


Now playing  —
S.P.O.C.K. mp3 folder ie various tracks,
some of me favs are  —
“Speed of light” (prob my alltime fav by them)
“Mirror world”,
“Babylon 5” (WHY was this gem a b-side???)
“Astro Girl”,
“Dr McCoy”,
“Cosmic Boy”,
*und so weiter*


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