telly and gam3s

Some people asked me what series I find
lame, boring and generally crappy,
so here goes, in no special “ordnung” –
–How i met your mother
–24 (i really tried to like this, for various
reasons, but no, it didnt catch my interest at all)
–Smallville (and every other series about Clark Kent/superman)
–Robin Hood (im no professor on history and military
development, but the sheer number of mistakes in this show
alone should render them some form of reward)
Und so weiter

For fun (i guess haha) i reinstalled
Halflife 2,and just like in the case of
Far Cry im running a downloaded cracked
version, in the case of HL2 its because i
refuse to have Steam on my computer,
will never happen, theres NO reason to allow
Valve to see everything i have on my computer
nor to have a big, gaping security risk
that Steam is on my machine (its easier to haxx Steam
than to haxx any  M$N  account, believe it or not!)
and in the case of Far Cry its unique, I do own the
original game (budget sale 2005 i think it was) BUT
the makers (crytek) cant prog, the original game is so
buggy and prone to crashing its amazing,
so they released a couple of patches (one of those patches
was so bad and crappy progged they had to RECALL it lol)
but what happens then? The game actually becomes LESS
stable and WAY more prone to do a desktop-crash
when its patched (!), so in affect, and this sounds remarkably
weird, but the downloaded copy with the cracked executable
works BETTER than a fully patched, legit copy…!
I guess the guy that cracked the game should get a job
at crytek huh

Speaking of HL2, the “set fire to people” bind is  –
bind “chooseakey” “ent_fire !picker ignite”, and to make the shotgun
a wee bit more realistic  —
sk_plr_dmg_buckshot “30”
sk_plr_num_shotgun_pellets “15”
and if you get tired of anyone  —
bind “chooseakey” “ent_remove”
Maybe Ill post my entire autoexec here
one day if anyone wants it

My original take on HL2 hasnt changed tho,
it IS the most overrated game ever,
overrated doesnt necesarilly mean bad,
it doesnt in this case, its fairly good altho its not
close to the greatness of HL1


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