new go0gle os

go0gle is working on their new operating
system, OS for short, and apparently its gonna
be based upon a Linux Kernel (app the
Monolith kernel) , called
Chromium, while this is partly good news
(cough windoze bsods etc cough) its also sad
it HAD to be go0gle thats trying to
compete with m$, if i know go0gle right
they will make it IMPOSS to run it without having
3693 diff sorts of their retarded spying, supervising and
“ET calling home” nonsense crap built into it,
it will def be interesting to check out a cracked
copy (its funny how crackers usually are
much more server Ninjas than the original
coders, Far Cry is in mind here and their
retarded worthless patches hmm)
once it surfaces on ¨teh internets¨
next year around this time, cant wait to
find out just how much of their crapage they filled
it with …

currently playing —
Poesie Noire –
“Tales of Doom” [1987]

“Bury me under your world”


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