imagefap = n00bfap

Now that my site will expire (ty for that telia,
you suxxors) i wanted to find a site that i could
upload some of my like 40000 wallpapers i made,
so i thought “hey imagefap, despite their annoying
popups (which CAN be blocked altho “experts” claims
it cant) would be ideal for my wallpaper collection”
so i regged, and then when i logged in it gave me the equivalent
of the bird ie the retarded “invalid ui” nonsense, a clear sign
of poorly scripted sites, so ty for that n00bfap.

Is there a bigger loser than Tiger Woods?? Hes so rich hes bathing
in cash, yet hes caught with his pants down, and now the ball is
in motion, in a  manner of speaking, app hes slept with hundreds of diff chicks,
good going there Woody, youre unbelieveably rich and married to a
gorgeous woman, and yet you proven yourself to be the equivalent of
a 12yearold schoolboy, both in your thinking and your pants,
The Tosser of The Year Award is in your ballpark,
yet again in a manner of speaking.

Ummmm all the scifi series there is is very unrealistic,
not the scifi part in itself but for the fact
that whomever race or alliance or whatever in the
series havent understood THE way of defeating
every possible enemy  —  one builds a Death star!
Think about it, you take all your efforts and simply build
one HUGE starship, pref in the form of a round object
such as the Death star from Star Wars, NOONE could beat
that, imagine The Shadows in Babylon 5, had they built
a Death star, they would have won,
had the Klingons built a Death star they would have ruled
the universe and bulldozed over every conceiveable opponent,
und so weiter.
Of course while building it you must avoid exhaust vents
2 meters wide on it,
and hey presto, you have the ultimate weapon!  😀



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