imagefap promo popunder = it is raped

with all the stuff i written about it on here,
theres still people getting the retarded promo.awempireDOTcom
popunder crap (technically its not a trad popup but nm the tech stuff),
the final thing (or first if you havent tried any of the other
stuff i mentioned previously), and this, of course, i dont even know
why i even mention this, but if youre on micro$ofts internets crasher
browser, youre screwed, this only applies to Firefox (at least
as far as i know, havent messed with Opera or Crazy Browser, yet,
nor go0gles browser, which i will never use, ever)
type the usual “about:config”, rightclick anywhere and type/paste
noscript.surrogate.fap.replacement” as a STRING (without the “)
and then enter value —
window.puShown getter = window.puShown setter = function() { return true };
(again without the “), then another String value called –
noscript.surrogate.fap.sources” (no “) and give it the value of –
@* *
And this of course requires the Noscript extension to work (duh haha),
it can also be a good idea to get the “Popup Blocker Settings” extension
for easy, convenient handling (all the various popup settings is accessible
in the About:config menu by default, but with this extension,
its much easier to switch the settings)


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