birthday et cetera

been playing some old Halflife,
or rather a lot of mods for it,
my alltime fav mod is def the
Counter Life mod,
which is a simple one – it allows you
to play thru teh game with all the weapons
from Counterstrike :p
Another nice one is They Hunger,
sorta horrormod, loads of zumbis to kill ^^

Man im dead tired of wordpress host,
its laggier than surfin teh internets in 94 with a 14.4 modem
while tryin to look at pics of nude chicks in .bmp
format, and it makes me log in every like 23 second
whos the noob that progged this??
i REALLY hope scribefire will start to work again
cuss this is intolerable, and it also is imposs to loadup
images …


yahell sucks

i never liked yahoo/yahell,
and its getting worse every time i try to
check my inbox, its an endless tirade of having to “verify”
that i am me, half the times i have to retype my pw over and
over cuss the akamai site was scripted by a threeyearold,
and now when they have made like how youtube ruined itself
ie they have the yahoomail on TWO sites,
its impossible to check my contacts… NO matter what i
do, the site that hosts the contact list for me isnt working,
im no noob around puters so f it was on MY end
id KNOW, it isnt, shit i hate yahell

“fuck music” + god

currently playing –
Nitzer Ebb – Body of Work,
my goal in life is to have sex to every
song on this compilation, the EBM on it is
suited perfectly for all the various kinda sex i
want, from the very naughty stuff one can do to
“Get clean” to the firm but slow beat (hmmm)
to “Warzaw Ghetto” :p

App the nr 1 entry in the “highschool nerdboy virgin look”
ie billy gates (how does he do it?? HOW can he be like 57
and still look like the worlds most untouched and nonfrenched
guy ever? Its a mystery) is on twitter, and one cant help
to wonder why, whos in the slightest interested in whatever
he could ever possibly say? The only thing he should
(but def isnt) know anything at all about is what, then?
How to pickup the ladies? How to get to third base?
How to program an OS that actually WORKS?
Nope, he knows sodall about any of the above
I guess he could do a Beckham, ie post every dumb and
retarded comment he ever made, theres deff a LOT of
them, heres some –
“640K RAM ought to be enough for anybody”
“If you can’t make it good, at least make it look good.”
(sorry billy, there you uberfailed on both accounts)
“Does the e-mail say it’s about ‘enlargement’ — that might be spam”
-no kidding there billy? Really, it COULD be spam?? wow
“There’s only one trick in software, and that is using a piece of software that’s already been written” — afaik thats also know as THEFT.
“Im a much better and skillfull programmer than John Carmack!”
Hmmm (for the record, John Carmack is GOD

another reason is

that i just spent 45 mins writing here and then to
find i was logged out and nothing was saved….
Maybe its time to get another, WORKING bloghost…

main reason i dont write everyday is…

this site. Whenever i wanna write something i have to keep

logging in, at least 3 times b4 i even reach my panel to write,

the reason for that is, im assuming its not cuss of lame and lousy

progging on this blogs part, that they want as much info as they

can, too bad then that everything not related to this writing page

is blocked, all of their dumb unecessary scripts are BLOCKED,

and yes the easiest way to avoid having to mess with this site

is to use Scribefire extension for FF, unfortunately their latest

update disables it and makes it worthless/useless,

so until the makers of that extension learns how to

code i guess ill have to endure the lameity of this site.

Been checking out Dexter, who knew that a show that sounds

uberlame on paper was this good =) I just begun season 2

Now playing the latest Nitzer Ebb release

Industrial Complex, its fairly good =)

The King 75 years

well, he WOULD have been if he hadnt fallen
victim to the socalled Colonel

The King

new look

a new year = new look on meine blogschen 🙂
Some people have asked me about that immensly homosexual
promo.awempire popup on imagefap and how to
block it, if the things i already mentioned previously
wont work (dont see why it wouldnt) then try to install
the Prefbar extension for Firefox, then make sure you have the
tabs of “popups” and “unpopup” visible, BOTH should be
activated (yes i know it sounds weird with popu set to ON
but nm) and also make sure you use Noscript extension as
well, mark imagefap as Untrusted site but allow javascript
to run, and voila, NO more roosterpoop from that
promo.awempire site (amazing tho that noone has made a
script to block it on sites such as Userscripts,
the only script on that site thats dealing with the popup
is like a year old and thus not working),
the funny thing is tho that if you visit imagefap on Opera
browser you get no popups at all …. Weird that Firefox
cant block such OBVIOUS bull by default when Opera
And whats with this new Geoloocation roosterpoop
in Firefox?? This “service” is, surprise surprise,
made by go0gle and its activated by default in
Firefox, and what it does is that it tracks you down to the
street wherever you are in the world, can YOU spell
To deactivate it, type “about:config” in statusbar,
press the warranty warning and then go to
“geo.enabled” and set it to FALSE
Heres some interesting stuff about this stupidity of
go0gles tracking stuff