wtf + doom3 vs hl2

well i guess this new years first ever day
isnt on my side, my scribefire extension for
Firefox (the ONLY browser worth messin about with)
facked me up my tight a55 and stopped working,
effectively killing off over 30 mins of typing ive already
made, soddin great, dumb n00bs who cant script for shite
(prob ex-micro$$oft-ers), anyhow my main point of my
LONG post i was gonna do originally that scribefire killed
(guess who uninstalled THAT plugin just now haha)
is that my site *should* be deceased, but app it aint,
long story (that scribefire effectively killed off)
but that site of mine should be offline from NYE +1
but it isnt, altho my romper addy is most def toast,
try to mail meh at – –, should work 🙂

Been playin a lil Halflife 2, and the more i play it the more i
know that Source engine that fuels it, totally suxxxxxxx,
worlds most overrated engine ever,
lets compare it, iD Software released their Doom 3 game in
2004, fueled by iDTech4 engine, so thats a fair comparrison
to do, and when i compare them, i come to the only logical
conclusion there is, Doom engine rapes and owns
valves lousy Source engine on EVERY point,
except for one point, the ability to render
outdoor sceneries, on that point the source engine is
a lil better, but since Doom 3 is set on Mars and subsequently lacks
any form of outdoor maps, its not even a valid point,
lets see, halflife 2 crashes every now and then, whereas
Doom has crashed maybe 2-3 times all in all, and i have played
Doom3 prob like 50000 hours, ie its a real slick and wellscripted
engine, whereas valves crappy source noob engine crashes
every now and then, seemingly without any reasons,
another noob point on source is that theres NO way of
changing the gamma or brilliance settings (!),
talk about a huge FLAW, only way to make the indoors maps
of HL2 litup is to increase the r_flashlight settings since theres
NO slider to do that… lmao
Anyhow i dont have energy to compare the 2 engines
anymore right now, no point since a- iDSoftware is run by
pros whereas Valve is run by gabe noobell, ex-micro$oft
employee nr 11, need i even say more then?? Thought not


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