new look

a new year = new look on meine blogschen 🙂
Some people have asked me about that immensly homosexual
promo.awempire popup on imagefap and how to
block it, if the things i already mentioned previously
wont work (dont see why it wouldnt) then try to install
the Prefbar extension for Firefox, then make sure you have the
tabs of “popups” and “unpopup” visible, BOTH should be
activated (yes i know it sounds weird with popu set to ON
but nm) and also make sure you use Noscript extension as
well, mark imagefap as Untrusted site but allow javascript
to run, and voila, NO more roosterpoop from that
promo.awempire site (amazing tho that noone has made a
script to block it on sites such as Userscripts,
the only script on that site thats dealing with the popup
is like a year old and thus not working),
the funny thing is tho that if you visit imagefap on Opera
browser you get no popups at all …. Weird that Firefox
cant block such OBVIOUS bull by default when Opera
And whats with this new Geoloocation roosterpoop
in Firefox?? This “service” is, surprise surprise,
made by go0gle and its activated by default in
Firefox, and what it does is that it tracks you down to the
street wherever you are in the world, can YOU spell
To deactivate it, type “about:config” in statusbar,
press the warranty warning and then go to
“geo.enabled” and set it to FALSE
Heres some interesting stuff about this stupidity of
go0gles tracking stuff


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