main reason i dont write everyday is…

this site. Whenever i wanna write something i have to keep

logging in, at least 3 times b4 i even reach my panel to write,

the reason for that is, im assuming its not cuss of lame and lousy

progging on this blogs part, that they want as much info as they

can, too bad then that everything not related to this writing page

is blocked, all of their dumb unecessary scripts are BLOCKED,

and yes the easiest way to avoid having to mess with this site

is to use Scribefire extension for FF, unfortunately their latest

update disables it and makes it worthless/useless,

so until the makers of that extension learns how to

code i guess ill have to endure the lameity of this site.

Been checking out Dexter, who knew that a show that sounds

uberlame on paper was this good =) I just begun season 2

Now playing the latest Nitzer Ebb release

Industrial Complex, its fairly good =)


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