birthday et cetera

been playing some old Halflife,
or rather a lot of mods for it,
my alltime fav mod is def the
Counter Life mod,
which is a simple one – it allows you
to play thru teh game with all the weapons
from Counterstrike :p
Another nice one is They Hunger,
sorta horrormod, loads of zumbis to kill ^^

Man im dead tired of wordpress host,
its laggier than surfin teh internets in 94 with a 14.4 modem
while tryin to look at pics of nude chicks in .bmp
format, and it makes me log in every like 23 second
whos the noob that progged this??
i REALLY hope scribefire will start to work again
cuss this is intolerable, and it also is imposs to loadup
images …


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