canada cup is now over

oops i meant Olympics hockey,
my bad, its just that it very much felt
EXaCTLY like the oldtime Canada cup,
where it all was laid out and prepared for
Canada to win, no theyre not cheating,
not as such, but anyone whos ever seen
any match from the Canada cup (later
renamed to World cup, only to escape
those allegations btw) era KNoWS
what im talking about


is this workin? test test blah blah

“we’re on the cover…”
“You know me”

where are my cheese i love my phone

yup thats a case of ubercrappy lyrics,
the socalled lady gaga, whos actually a guy,
wrote that ;o
Dont know how the ladies hockey ended,
when it was 1-6 against USA i gave up
and went to clean my lav instead,
long overdue, now its sparkling,
well something close to it anyhow :p
Hehe i cant get over how lousy lyrics
“she” writes, “where are my cheese, i love
my phone”….. lmao

5.5 hours 2 go —-

Vancouver. Sweden. Finland.
Phew. Id bite my nails off except for me
being male, plus the fact i almost lost my
thumbnails the other day in an accident,
but no point in bringing out the bubblery,
im all right =)
Bought the newest edition of Uncut magazine,
really interesting piece of my favband ie
Joy Division, id link to it here if it wasnt for
that dumb site running TONS of AD scripts,
mainly from adserverDOTadtechDOTde,
and if you know *anything* about the latest
*popunder* ghey trend, see why in this —
and i refuse to link to any site running that bullshite,
i can go there without any issue by that site or the adhost
cuss im protected and totally immune against any
popunder scripts there is, but most arent, hell theres even
ppl running internets crasher browser (!) out there
and thgey are totally unprotected from it,
the basics of not being pested/tracked/surveillanced/
supervised/etc is in a cpl of easy steps –
1-never ever never, under NO circumstance conceivable
ever run micro$ofts MSIE internets exploder browser,
doesnt matter one bit if its msie 8, 7 or even 6,
you have to be a total serverninja to get even something
as close to protection with it, simply cuss they use the nr1
reason for all viruses-malware-trojans-etc, im talking
about activex scripting, invented by, surprise surprise,
micro$soft and by default crappy and coupled with the
inbuilt, nonfixable flaws of msie, you might as well
hang out a sign saying “ok here i am and im on
micro$oft technology, i have zero protection,
please rape my retarded @ss!”,
instead use any other browser that doesnt support
ActiveX “technology”, such as Mozilla Firefox
or Opera, they are immune to any ActriveX virus
simply cuss that “technology” isnt supported into them,
and with just ONE small piece of code you can CRASH IE –
2-if you run Firefox, the task of protecting yourself
against exploits and viruses is so much easier,
the key is to get the right Addons,
small, easily installed pieces of software that
runs inside your Firefox, for instance I run
Noscript, actually i refuse to surf the internet without
it, it blocks a lot of bull thats out there,
and also Adblock Plus Elements Helper, with that
addon i can easily block contents from any website,
not just the images but the actual php scripting =)
And, to combat this new trend of Popunder
(not to be confused with Popups, diff technology)
i use the best choice available ie
an addon called Controle de Scripts (dont worry
its in English) and in there one adds one small line of
block code — haha im so not gonna say WHAT
that is ffs, like im gonna hand out my defences to
the retards that runs imagefap and other
sites that uses popunders etc =)
Its not too difficult to find out what one
should put in there, if you know programming
its fairly basic, if you dont just use your imagination
when you scroogle (NOT google, thats another point,
never ever use google DIRECTLY, and never accept any
google cookies) for it 🙂
3-Prefbar addon, make sure “cookie warning” is
ticked, then every site that tries to put a cookie on your
puter is halted and it asks if you wanna accept it,
its pretty vital to NOT accept cookies from those sites
that runs popunders, simply cuss if you do you can betcha
that immediately after that the popunder will show,
hard to explain but its all javascript coding-related


hmmmmm 4 – 2 against Belarus (Vitryssland),
thats really not aceptable, sure we won but
we should have won with like 6-1 or something
along those lines hmmmmmmmmmm

indochine hairdo + ubuntu

is what im sporting atm haha,
dint comb my (wild) hair today
so when i looked at the mirror
i had one of those nicola sirkis
of Indochine hairdos, ca 1985 ^^

people wonder wether or not im on
some windows OS (operating system)
or if im on Linux, and well,
im not saying 🙂 Why make it easier
for the noob haxxers out there by revealing
details of my “defence”, am i on m$ or am i on
ubuntu or maybe im on FreeBSD..??
If one checks my useragent it says something like
googles new os plus an enhanced version of chromium,
so who knows huh ^^
Ill never understand why people on fuckfacebook
bitches about getting their identities stolen,
well geeez thats what you get you morons
for puttin up all kinds of very personal info,
some truly and remarkably uberstupid
individuals have even posted their
credit card numbers there lol
the idiocy (if thats a word hmm) knows no ends
apparently … No wonder cyberthugs loves fuckfacebook
and similar, popular places that the plebs like

now playing

Rational Youth —
“20 Anniversary Collection”,
totally love Coboloid Race :p
I forgotten just how many various
mods there is for game Halflife,…&released=def&style=def&theme=def&game=1&type=def

is but one site of many hehe, and yes i AM gonna play
them all ^^