the victory over livejasmin popup – the final tale

Ive written here about the superfluos and unwanted
popup bull that the site imagefap, in conjunction with
livejasmindotcom pukes on us, i have found THE
remedy towards their (and all other popups/popunders
in existence as of today), its failry simple actually,
unless youre on micro$ofts gay and utterly
worthless Internets Exploiter browser,
then youre on your own, this is for Firefox
users (and maybe also Opera if youre somewhat of
a Serverninja, nothing is preset on that Norwegian
browser, not even something as basic as a javascript
control plugin…! Guess they dont want the common
man to use their browser then, NOONE is accepting
a browser that doesnt include at least SOME form of
scripting control, using Opera for ummm adult
searching is very much like how it was to do that
on IE 1999 lol, can YOU spell popup and intrusive
banners allllll over the screen, Opera browser without
scitping control = no takers)
Anyhow what you do to conquer imagefap and livejasmin
crapage is simple, get the “Controle de Scripts”
addon for Firefox (nm its not updated for
version 3.0.6, just open up the .xpi like normaly
and adjust the maximum setting and youre set
to go) then add “,” under Advanced
and voila, NO MORE GAYNESS
FROM IMaGEFaP e v e r =D
Finally, piece of mind, no more of the “feels like
im surfin teh internets on IE 1998” flashbacks
anymore šŸ˜€ Niiiiiice dudes :p
I did personally update several of the addons
i use for Firefox that doesnt function anylonger,
wish i could ul them somewhere, cuss theyre
great addons – Controle de Scripts, Historyblock,
Headercontrol (which i added some much cooler
Useragents than the default boring “xp-ie7” ones :p
How about surfin teh internets on FreeBSD OS
with a Commodore64 ? :p
— Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; FreeBSD i686; en-UK 2.0; Commodore64)
or maybe webTV –
–Mozilla/3.0 WebTV/1.2 (compatible; MSIE 2.0)
The possiblities are endless hehe :p
NO need to reveal ones REAL OS, esp not if ones uses
micro$$oft, WHY advertise to all the haxxers
“hey im a dumbphucker on micro$oft, please haxx me!!”


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