bitch slap google-analytics

oops i forgot the “and” between
bitch slap google-analytics,
my bad ^^

If one takes pinupsrusDOTcom (dunno if thats
a real site) and mixes with ActiongirlsDOTcom (now that
IS a bonafide site) and throws in a lil juicy steamy
lezZbo action, then one gets the film “Bitch Slap”,
totally brilliant exploitationesque film,
filled with cleavage closeup views (often in
slowmo) on already lightly clad women
whos busy with either beating up some pimp
or making out, and for good measures theres some
beefy weps thrown in too, what else can one wish for then?
Awesome film, IF one has a sense of humour =)

I find it quite revealing that the IP for
THE nr 1 spying site around teh internets,
and then if one investigates that IP, again (for good
measure) –,
theres some other google sites that shares it,
such as a cpl of google.groups,
and, heres the cruncher,
the IP of – not only has THE most
intrusive and tracking crap called google-analytics
(actually its a script feature on it
called Urchin but nm, it all comes from that site),
but the site of youtubedotcom is also located there …!
Not much else to add here is there?
The popular yougtube site is on the exact same ip
(again — as googles antiprivacy
tracing crapage of google-analytics,
and if any google rep says “thats just a coincidence”
id personally DOS him cuss its deff a LIE!

So, again, ponder on the fact that
on IP



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