indochine hairdo + ubuntu

is what im sporting atm haha,
dint comb my (wild) hair today
so when i looked at the mirror
i had one of those nicola sirkis
of Indochine hairdos, ca 1985 ^^

people wonder wether or not im on
some windows OS (operating system)
or if im on Linux, and well,
im not saying 🙂 Why make it easier
for the noob haxxers out there by revealing
details of my “defence”, am i on m$ or am i on
ubuntu or maybe im on FreeBSD..??
If one checks my useragent it says something like
googles new os plus an enhanced version of chromium,
so who knows huh ^^
Ill never understand why people on fuckfacebook
bitches about getting their identities stolen,
well geeez thats what you get you morons
for puttin up all kinds of very personal info,
some truly and remarkably uberstupid
individuals have even posted their
credit card numbers there lol
the idiocy (if thats a word hmm) knows no ends
apparently … No wonder cyberthugs loves fuckfacebook
and similar, popular places that the plebs like


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