RIP Fia 2001-2010

our beloved and very friendly and easygoing
german shepherd Fia has passed away today,
may you rest in peace as you so rightfully deserve to,
you will be missed by many


do you know that the bird is the word?

Taken from the song Trashmen, and then some of you know
what i mean ^^ Yup, the best episode of Family Guy 😀

Gonna check out spielbergs latest serie The Pacific,
curious to see how Anti-European he is this time,
saving Priv Ryan is the most racist film i ever seen, if i was a German
id haxx spielbergs computer and do other, unmentionable stuff as well

Now Playing —
Broder Daniel  –  *Broder Daniel Forever*
(RIP Anders Göthberg 1975 – 2008)

RIP Moto

i started playing Soldier of Fortune 2 online
(Sof 2 mp henceforth) after  a ca 2 year break,
missed it too much, anyhow when i entered the
UnshaveD server, they told me that Moto,
real name is none of your biz, shot his head
off last sept on his birthday, and noone knows
why  😦

canuckled presets

canada won. not a real surprise,
everything was preset for them,
exactly like the oldtime canada cup.
all the referes were from which
country then? nuff said.