indiana jones and temple of crapness

i dl the indana jones box rip recently,
i saw the first one the other day,
its an ok film, way too long tho, filled with
logical flaws and face it, harrison ford is hardly
an actor of class, basically all he can “act” is the
carefree nontalkative rascal character persona,
ie han solo, and i can see why the female lead girl
actor, karen something, her career sunk faster than
the ny stock exchange crash in 29, a complete and utter
total void of charisma, and her thespian abilities are perhaps
best left undiscussed, but the first film is a masterpiece
compared to the second one, temple of (bore)doom,
i totally had forgot that one, im sure i went to the cinema
when it was new, i dont rem, anyhow, this film totally
suck in every category, amazing spielbergs career didnt
die with this crap film, every cineastic cliche in the world
is in it, and also every cineastic logic hickup imaginable,
WHY did the 2 pilots flew over the entire country of china
before junping out and thus leaving indy to crash into
a mountain? There wasnt a need to empty the fuel reserves
before jumping out, a plane that small would be dried up
way before that, and this uberflaw is within 10 mins of the films
opening, and then its a subsequent chain of illogical events
stacked upon each other, this is nothing other than a mere
B movie, it IS a mystery that spielberg, mr antieuropean nr 1,
hasnt filed for bankrupcy, and btw WHO decided that
“yes, Cate Capshaw is ideal for the role as the female lead!”?
I lay awake at night thinking of such incredible enigmas



theres no such thing, apparently, as a
FREE MAIL service, now my current mailhost aka
lavabit is totally screwed up and wont let me
sign in, w t f ????????????

why you should AVOID rateyourmusic site

I became a member of rateyourmusic site early 2003,
back then it was a small community, madeup of fans of
music, a very nice and rewarding site (albeit laggy as hell),
but today, once it swollen out with a load of new members
(and still as laggy as before, if not more),
they (the founders and the first moderators, or mods henceforth)
recruited a lot more mods, which in itself is a good thing,
the more members the more mods, its natural,
however the q is WHICH kind of mods do one want,
to WHICH people do one grant such powers as the ability to
warn members, to ban them, to correct behaivours et cetera,
that is always the key question when elevating an ordinary member
to that “office”, and in that respect, rateyourmusic FAILED
and it failed miserably, most (not all tho, but almost all)
of these new mods shouldnt have become mods with such
powers, the reason im warning for that site today is of one
particulary inappropriate moderator, one of those sad,
inadquate and very nonsuited for that job moderators
that almost all sites suffer from, actually he/she hasnt
let him/herself be known to me when he/she has stalked me,
for that is exactly what it is, stalking, theres no other suitable
term for it, he/she has followed my ratings and reviews for some
time now, and i know exactly when it began,
it was when i wrote a review for some soundtrack to some
Tarantino film, my review was short and to the point –
“Tarantino is very overrated”, and apparently the moderator couldnt
stand for such a comment, he/she obviously worships
Tarantino, cuss that comment was deleted (!), believe it or not,
theres no profanity, no vulgar words, no slandering of any kind,
in other words, its simple CENSORSHIP, thats exactly
what is doing, they CENSOR out comments
which the mods dont approve of, simply because they dont agree,
you can try to explain away that however much you want,
it IS censorship and forever will be censorship,
but the final, ultimate straw of retardation/censorship came the
other day, i received a warning, and get this cuss its fairly unbelieveable
to comprehend, he/she (i still do not know exactly WHO that
retarded disturbed individual is, BUT i do have his or hers
IP-number, for umm future references) warned me that
“you have too many 0.5 ratings”…!
Yes, its true, now again if that isnt CENSORSHIP then nothing is,
“too many 0.5 ratings”, umm remind me here,
WHY is rateyourmusic called rateyourmusic again,
disassemble the name, RATE, YOUR, MUSIC, right?
WRONG! “Rate your music AS WE SEE FIT”
would be much more suited, what the hell is this crap of
“too many 0.5 ratings”, again look at the name, RATE YOUR
MUSIC, apparently i cant, im not allowed to rate it the way I see
it, and they way i do see it is that there is a LOT of crap music
today, and henceforth i give it bad ratings, because –
I do not like it. isnt that the whole idea of a site called
rateyourmusic?? Apparently not, “too many 0.5 ratings” my arse,
they threatened me that “remove all the 0.5 ratings or be banned”,
avoid, they CENSOR your opinions there.
A bunch of retarded morons and retard rejects.

dreary sundays on tv6 and homos in sof2

sundays are so uberlame and dreary on tv6,
now its currently 2 eps in a row of How i met your
mother, THE quasiintellectual show of all times,
its so uberboring and stupid, how anyone could enjoy
it is beyond me, and then after that its another 2 eps in a row
with 2 and a half men, i dont think i ever seen a more
stupid show, about as funny as ingrowing toenails

Theres a server in sof2 (hosted by ROX-Gaming)
that runs RMG (aka random Mission Generator,
bigassed outdoor maps thats randomly generated on the
spot, well it used to be randomly generated, lately its the same
4-5 diff maps 24-7) which i play at off and on,
but i noticed that theres a lot of cheating lamas on it,
two of the worst i encountered arw called 
“I Am Legend” and “Caven”, i was toying with posting their
unique pbguids, but that might be liable, but i might do it someday
anyhow =)

peter steele is dead

app he died a few days ago

Buddha’s watching, Buddha’s waiting

Yup, for those out there who, just like me,
has an exquisite taste in music and knows what that headline
means, im putting together my own collection of favourites from teh
80s, i remastered them and beefed up the (often) nonbeefy sound,
heres cd1 of it, in total it will prob be at least 5 cds  —
1-The Human League – Being Boiled (7inch version)
2-Rational Youth – Coboloid Race
3-Propaganda – Das Testament Des Dr Mabuse (13th Life mix)
4-S.P.K. – Junk Funk
5-Men Without hats – The Safety Dance
6-Fad Gadget – Coitus Interruptus
7-Devo – Whip It
8-Yazoo – Bad Connection
9-Robert Marlow – I Just Wanna Dance
10-Ultravox – The Thin Wall
11-Nurnberg 47 – Hundarna Brinner (def Patriks fav haha ^^)
12-Alphaville – Sounds Like A Melody (with Berliner Symphony Orchestra)
13-The Human League – Empire State Human
14-TransX – Living On Video (radio edit)
15-Fad Gadget – Ladyshave
16-Yazoo – Dont Go
17-The Human League – Being Boiled (album version)

Nice huh :p

various opinions on various mods for sof2

well, now that started playing sof2 again recently,
i can rem some of the cool stuff about some
of the mods, as well as the bad/retarded stuff,
now for beginners who might read this, altho im
sure noone ever visits my blog, i can prob write
highly liable stuff without gettin into trouble,
so lets do it now, ok, ummmm
*oj simpson? guilty as HELL,
*tiger woods? – retarded sad tosser  thats not  man enough
to keep his own c0ck in check,
*fox news is NOT a news agency at all, its nothing
other than a propaganda station for george bush and the rest of
the uberright christian, uberrepublican, uberrich 1 percentage
of USA that somehow manages to control the rest of its
population with the help of fox news, by spreading fear and
using the worlds oldest trick to keep the masses in check,
only a fox news enthsuiast can miss what THAT is,
hats why i wanna go up to rupert murdoch and puke all over him,
kick him in his (small) testicles and then unzip and… well,
*bill gates, the worlds most successfull THIEF,
id also love to puke all over him, but im guessin its a waste of
energy trying to kick him in the balls, his look reveals that he has
*gog0el, o nm, dont get me started on go0gle
But i digress, umm where was i? ahh yes, sof 2,
soldier of fortune 2 , or simply sof2 henceforth,
is a traditional First Person Shooter (fps henceforth)
released in ummm 2001 or maybe 2002, i dont remember,
much like the Counterstrike mod for Halflife its based upon
two teams battling it out against one another,
altho unlike Counterstrike it has several other different
gamemodes, deathmatch, team deatchmatch, infiltration,
king of the hell etc, which makes it way more waried,
the one mode i play 99 pcg of the time is CTF or
Capture The Flag, at base spawn for every time theres a flag
that the other team tries to grab and bring back to their own
basespawn, then they get 1 point, pretty basic stuff
but funny as hell, esp with lots of people playing on the same
server at same time, some people prefer to play 2 vs 2 or
3 vs 3 but thats pretty dull imo so i never play those servers
that runs that, its way more fun if its like 12-13 or so on every team,
but often its around 7-8 on both teams, the key to success is,
as it always is, teamwork, thats why 2-3  experienced players
can dominate against 7- 9 others that dont work together,
by simply working as ONE, and like other fps games
it relies a lot on its weaponry, theres 6 main primary weps,
the AK74, Colt M4, MP5 smg (its a nice smg aka submachinegun
but my alltime smg fav is the followup, the SMG2),
SIG 551 (3 times zoom), M60 beltfed heavy machinegun,  and the
(dreary) MSG90A1 sniper, and theres also two different
shotguns to choose from, but only one as a primary weapon,
the USAS12 semiauto shotgun, but i wouldnt advice running
around with it, first up its very noneffective at any targets
thats like more than like 4 meters ahead of you cuss of its
massive spread, secondly if you use it, expect a LOT of
comments from the others in form of “you autocannon noob!”,
“use a real weapon you noob!” etc, its considered a noob weapon,
in parts i can understand why its considered a “noob weapon”,
but nevertheless its in the game, and if it isnt removed by the server
admins, one can use it, but as said, expect a lot hassles from
others ^^
The second shotgun is a Mossberg M590 pump shotgun
but its not available as a primary weapon, its a secondary, backup
weapon (for some reason, in many other games such as Counterstrike
etc its a primary weapon) just like the M3 “greasegun”
(uberlame smg from ww2 that, for some uberbizarre reason,
is in sof2, i never got why) and the Microuzi smg,
im too lazy to scroogle for links to them =)
And, also sorta mystery really, theres 3 pistols to choose from
as a secondary backup (hmmm) weapon, the classic but fairly
boring Colt 1911 , the one i use altho i very rarely actually uses
it, way before youre down on ammo for the primary and secondary
weapon ones back at spawn to replenish all ammo and armor + health
by taking a Backpack, and theres two others, one is a buttugly
uberdreary .50 israeli desert eagle pistol (the desert eagle, or deagle,
in Counterstrike is called the “noobcannon” and its applied to
sof2 as well imho, no accuracy at all, just a big bang,
the other pistol i dont rem the name of, scroogle it if youre
and theres also various grenades, incendiary, smoke, regular fragnades
and a flash, but nearly all servers have the flash grenade disabled,
prob cuss of some retards deliberately flashing teammates,
and now we come to the various mods available for sof2,
a mod stands for modification, (usually) a small executable one
can dl for free (if you have to pay for any mod for any game
ever youve been suckered and suckered bigtime haha ^^)
and for sof2 theres several, Rocmod, Golfrush, OSP,
the last one is the mod im most familiar with of them all,
simply cuss thats the mod those eight Powerzone servers ran
that i was an admin at, but all those nice servers are
down forever now, all those players have gone on to other
games such as COD4 or BF2  :I
Of those 3 mods i find Goldrush to be the most buggy one,
it keeps kickin me with various odd messages like “unknown event 57”
and “files missing, reinstall goldrush” which is total bs since i
know im running the latest version, and also if i run goldrush i
can never join any server running the map Jordan,
it gives some weird, long errormessage of like “couldnt load
ae/jor/roofblock.bsp” or similar, total bollocks,
but i sometimes run goldrush anyhow cuss of some nice servers
thats running that particular mod, Apocalypse Now is one of them,
and some others, but the one thing i totally hate with goldrush
is the nonsense they yap about regarding “realistic moving speed”,
ummm ya, it dint work in Counterstrike and it deff works even less
in sof2, i choose for example the M60 (which i very seldom do
these days, its a support weapon mainly and it works in conjunction
with others running for the flag while i spray the enemy spawn
with bullets, but thats a joint effort that works only with
players one truly KNOW well, and that usually is other players in
the same clan youre in, they practise a lot etc, if one isnt in a clan
there usually isnt much teamwork, and running around with the
M60 in itself isnt really recommended, it has a huge recoil,
poor accuracy and takes like 13 hours to reload)
i run half the speed of players using AK or M4,
total retardation, sure in REAL life i would move slower
but not half the speed ffs, and hellooo, its a GAME, not
reallife, and the other retarded thing it incorporates its the uberannoying
and very nonrealistic thingie with the weapon falling off your hands,
sure it CAN happen in reallife that a bullet hits the weapon so hard
you drop it, but every 30 secs? Umm hardly, and besides,
its not just a q of it falling down to the ground in front of you,
no it falls like 15 meters somewhere around you, and it also
makes you virtually immobilized, which is real dumb, IF someone
gets their weapon shot out of his hands, wouldnt he imemdiately draw
the secondary weapon then? yes, but not in goldrush,
instead your hands gets reaching to the ceiling while being
immobilized, totally dumb and just like “realistic speed”
its something they def shouldnt have included