worlds easiest telly contest

That HAS to be the “Are you smarter than a fifthgrader?”
or whatever its called, i saw some ep on the tv recently,
the question worth 300 000 (three hundred thousand)
dollar was as follows  –  “The roman Mark Anthony
married which famous egyptian queen?”,
at first i thought it was a joke, even a complete retard
knows that question, the part of “the roman mark Anthony”
is itself superfluos, the part of “famous egyptian queen”
would easily be enough, i mean HOW many “famous egyptian
queens” do you know of? And how many of them married
Mark Anthony (in latin its Marcus Antonius, which i prefer
to use but nm) then? WHO else can it possible be if not
Cleopatra?? Duh
Then followed the question worth 500 000 (five hundred
thousand) dollars  –  “Whats the name of the Palace that
queen Elisabeth II resides in?”,
ummm is there anyone out there who hasnt heard of
Buckingham Palace then? Anybody? No. I thought not.
And there the girl ho was in the contest stopped,
she decided to not “risk her earnings for the million”,
so she sodded off with the 500 000 (five hundred thousand)
dollars, but that gamehost (hes mildly irritating) insisted
that the last question should be heard, and what kind of
uberhard nearly-impossible-to-answer-question
was in store then?
“Which famous composer wrote Four Seasons?”
Hmmmm tricky one, who was it, Beethoven?
Pachelbel? Bach? Or maybe it was –
And WHO didnt know that then?
That question was worth one million dollars.
Why cant I be on such shows, id earn millions in just
one afternoon fffs.
And btw, except for people suffering from
retardation and/or Down Syndrome, we are ALL
smarter than a fifthgrader, has nothing to do with
smartness at all, its a question of, as Richelieu put it
but regarding a different topic (treason but nm)
dates, the fresher any information is the more likely
it is that we rem it, most stuff one learnt in fifth grade,
apart from basic everyday-use stuff as maths,
reading etc, is forgotten.
So if you watch that show and think like “geez these
12yearold kids ARE smarter than me dagnammit!”
you can relax, they are not.
Unless of course you happen to be a retard, IE-user,
steve ballmer or working at Fox News.


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