Buddha’s watching, Buddha’s waiting

Yup, for those out there who, just like me,
has an exquisite taste in music and knows what that headline
means, im putting together my own collection of favourites from teh
80s, i remastered them and beefed up the (often) nonbeefy sound,
heres cd1 of it, in total it will prob be at least 5 cds  —
1-The Human League – Being Boiled (7inch version)
2-Rational Youth – Coboloid Race
3-Propaganda – Das Testament Des Dr Mabuse (13th Life mix)
4-S.P.K. – Junk Funk
5-Men Without hats – The Safety Dance
6-Fad Gadget – Coitus Interruptus
7-Devo – Whip It
8-Yazoo – Bad Connection
9-Robert Marlow – I Just Wanna Dance
10-Ultravox – The Thin Wall
11-Nurnberg 47 – Hundarna Brinner (def Patriks fav haha ^^)
12-Alphaville – Sounds Like A Melody (with Berliner Symphony Orchestra)
13-The Human League – Empire State Human
14-TransX – Living On Video (radio edit)
15-Fad Gadget – Ladyshave
16-Yazoo – Dont Go
17-The Human League – Being Boiled (album version)

Nice huh :p


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