dreary sundays on tv6 and homos in sof2

sundays are so uberlame and dreary on tv6,
now its currently 2 eps in a row of How i met your
mother, THE quasiintellectual show of all times,
its so uberboring and stupid, how anyone could enjoy
it is beyond me, and then after that its another 2 eps in a row
with 2 and a half men, i dont think i ever seen a more
stupid show, about as funny as ingrowing toenails

Theres a server in sof2 (hosted by ROX-Gaming)
that runs RMG (aka random Mission Generator,
bigassed outdoor maps thats randomly generated on the
spot, well it used to be randomly generated, lately its the same
4-5 diff maps 24-7) which i play at off and on,
but i noticed that theres a lot of cheating lamas on it,
two of the worst i encountered arw called 
“I Am Legend” and “Caven”, i was toying with posting their
unique pbguids, but that might be liable, but i might do it someday
anyhow =)


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