why you should AVOID rateyourmusic site

I became a member of rateyourmusic site early 2003,
back then it was a small community, madeup of fans of
music, a very nice and rewarding site (albeit laggy as hell),
but today, once it swollen out with a load of new members
(and still as laggy as before, if not more),
they (the founders and the first moderators, or mods henceforth)
recruited a lot more mods, which in itself is a good thing,
the more members the more mods, its natural,
however the q is WHICH kind of mods do one want,
to WHICH people do one grant such powers as the ability to
warn members, to ban them, to correct behaivours et cetera,
that is always the key question when elevating an ordinary member
to that “office”, and in that respect, rateyourmusic FAILED
and it failed miserably, most (not all tho, but almost all)
of these new mods shouldnt have become mods with such
powers, the reason im warning for that site today is of one
particulary inappropriate moderator, one of those sad,
inadquate and very nonsuited for that job moderators
that almost all sites suffer from, actually he/she hasnt
let him/herself be known to me when he/she has stalked me,
for that is exactly what it is, stalking, theres no other suitable
term for it, he/she has followed my ratings and reviews for some
time now, and i know exactly when it began,
it was when i wrote a review for some soundtrack to some
Tarantino film, my review was short and to the point –
“Tarantino is very overrated”, and apparently the moderator couldnt
stand for such a comment, he/she obviously worships
Tarantino, cuss that comment was deleted (!), believe it or not,
theres no profanity, no vulgar words, no slandering of any kind,
in other words, its simple CENSORSHIP, thats exactly
what rateyourmusic.com is doing, they CENSOR out comments
which the mods dont approve of, simply because they dont agree,
you can try to explain away that however much you want,
it IS censorship and forever will be censorship,
but the final, ultimate straw of retardation/censorship came the
other day, i received a warning, and get this cuss its fairly unbelieveable
to comprehend, he/she (i still do not know exactly WHO that
retarded disturbed individual is, BUT i do have his or hers
IP-number, for umm future references) warned me that
“you have too many 0.5 ratings”…!
Yes, its true, now again if that isnt CENSORSHIP then nothing is,
“too many 0.5 ratings”, umm remind me here,
WHY is rateyourmusic called rateyourmusic again,
disassemble the name, RATE, YOUR, MUSIC, right?
WRONG! “Rate your music AS WE SEE FIT”
would be much more suited, what the hell is this crap of
“too many 0.5 ratings”, again look at the name, RATE YOUR
MUSIC, apparently i cant, im not allowed to rate it the way I see
it, and they way i do see it is that there is a LOT of crap music
today, and henceforth i give it bad ratings, because –
I do not like it. isnt that the whole idea of a site called
rateyourmusic?? Apparently not, “too many 0.5 ratings” my arse,
they threatened me that “remove all the 0.5 ratings or be banned”,
avoid rateyourmusic.com, they CENSOR your opinions there.
A bunch of retarded morons and retard rejects.


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