indiana jones and temple of crapness

i dl the indana jones box rip recently,
i saw the first one the other day,
its an ok film, way too long tho, filled with
logical flaws and face it, harrison ford is hardly
an actor of class, basically all he can “act” is the
carefree nontalkative rascal character persona,
ie han solo, and i can see why the female lead girl
actor, karen something, her career sunk faster than
the ny stock exchange crash in 29, a complete and utter
total void of charisma, and her thespian abilities are perhaps
best left undiscussed, but the first film is a masterpiece
compared to the second one, temple of (bore)doom,
i totally had forgot that one, im sure i went to the cinema
when it was new, i dont rem, anyhow, this film totally
suck in every category, amazing spielbergs career didnt
die with this crap film, every cineastic cliche in the world
is in it, and also every cineastic logic hickup imaginable,
WHY did the 2 pilots flew over the entire country of china
before junping out and thus leaving indy to crash into
a mountain? There wasnt a need to empty the fuel reserves
before jumping out, a plane that small would be dried up
way before that, and this uberflaw is within 10 mins of the films
opening, and then its a subsequent chain of illogical events
stacked upon each other, this is nothing other than a mere
B movie, it IS a mystery that spielberg, mr antieuropean nr 1,
hasnt filed for bankrupcy, and btw WHO decided that
“yes, Cate Capshaw is ideal for the role as the female lead!”?
I lay awake at night thinking of such incredible enigmas


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