nm my last post, 99 times of 100 its the sites in q-s
error, today it wasnt  🙂


o what the hell did they do with this site????????

def NOT my doing that wordpress looks completely
retarded now,, wtf did they do??  Sigh time to get another
bloghost then….

happy birthday clint

One of the coolest guys ever celebrates his 80th birthday
today, ie Clint Eastwood, im celebrating it by watching Where
Eagles Dare, followed by Magnum Force  =)
Loads of other actors has died recently tho,
Gary Coleman fell on his head (couldnt be a huge fall tho hmm)
after a seizure to the brain and died of the fall,
Dennis Hopper, somewhat cool but a MAJOR bullshitter
about how much he knew, and teached James Dean about acting,
and how close they were as friends, umm ya, nada was true,
anyhow he died just the other day,
and ummm not sure about his name ut something like
Corey Martman or something died of drug overdose,
but im curious, WHY cant mofos who actually DESERVES TO
DIE acttually die then? The forever-nr1-of-the-list-of-ppl-one-wants-to-DIE
is, obviously, Pauly Shore, id gladly shoot him in the head with either my
Glock 17 or .44 Smith and Wesson, altho i msut admit i would rather
shoot his kneecaps first, then sit and watch him squeal in pain and agony
all over the floor for a cpl of hours, then kick his teeth out before
shootin his head off, thats how much i HATE pauly shore

GTA3 mp3 folder

since some of you asked me about that,
heres some of my current mp3s in my GTA3
folder (ie music that plays in the car as a “radio station”)
Filter – American Cliche
Chemical Brothers – Galvanize
Crystal Method – Trip like I do
Crystal Method – Garbage – Paranoid (Crystal Method remix,
from Community Service album)
Crystal Method – Pod – Boom! (Crystal Method
remix, from Community service)
Manson – Lunchbox (next motherfucker is gonna get my metal)
Manson – Dope show
Prodigy – voodo people (chemical brothers remix)
Prodigy – Smack meh bitch up (singlemix by MrD)
Prodigy – Razor (MrD remix)
Skinny Puppy – Politikill (humble bros mix-are you up for
teh sUCk remix by MrD ((thats me duh))
Nine Inch Nails – My violent heart (pirate robot MrD mix)
Nine Inch Nails – The Wretched (version)
Rammstein – Rammlied (MrD mix)

Und so weiter  :p

q-whats more puny than italian footballers?

a-czheck hockeyplayers, i mean did you see how EASY they always
fall over in the final game against CCCP? so uberpathetic,
i hate czheck hockey players, such weiners and mofos —
bunch o’bitches, and poor lil jagr got a bodycheck, oooh
poor lil 40yearold HASBEEN got a check,
there there, lets blow a lil carefully, feel better?
So stupid, it was a legtimate bodycheck fffs,
“too low” my ass, if you wanna see how to perform a
slightly too low bodycheck then watch Ulf Samuelsson’s
perfectly executed check on Cam Neely back in 92,
now THATS how its done =)    (Cam Neely=bitchin wanker)


np – Prodigy – Fat of the land,
their only truly excellent album, everything prior is
stupid puny techno and everything after it sounds
like Scooter (german uberstupid technoband)


nv – season 9 of King of Queens, its the very last season  😦
(nv=now viewing)


speaking of music, whatever happened to
Orgy, the kinda lightweight version of NIN?  I kinda liked them

the end of another black day

we lost in world champs hockey semis
and stupid Inter won against Bayern Munchen in
Champions League, i so HATE italian football teams, not to mention
italian footballers, theyre all mommasbois and sad tossers
what a gay crappy homo shitfaced day his has been
i think im gonna drink that halflitre bottle of Grants
that im lookin at at this very minute,
then go out and hopefully meet some italians….

socalled Bengt-Åke ii

Youre a fucking retard
Now we lost in sudden