a very accurate bandname would be

cradle of filfth. that is some of the worst pile of
roosterpoop i ever heard, WHAT is all the hype about then?
its compared to the likes of sisters of mercy, fields of
the nephilim, joy division, garden of delight, manson etc,
none of that is true, listening to it one can hear, at least
i can, how they desperately wants to be both alternative as hell
but keeping it  within reason, anyhow it totally sucks,
it sounds like a mix of bull such as iron maiden
plus the worst homedemos that manson produced,
either charles or marilyn,
geez such horseshit


the ubercowards of the world aka bin laden and his
sad chickenassed bunch of wifebeaters pet euro hate,
Lars Vilks, was attacked during a lecture recently,
im so tired of those ragdolled cowards sitting in their
caves or whatever banning anyone whos not a believer
in their mentally challenged socalled religion,
Lars Vilks is a hero, and i wish i could be in some form
of guard program protecting him, none of these chickenassed
ragdolls would get close i assure you,
anyhow whatever religion one believs in,
FREE SPEECH is a right, if youre white, brown,
red, rightwing, leftwing, christian, jew,


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