mcdonalds = bullshit bluff company, like ALL conglomerates

ive known that for years, but, somehow, many others
never did realise what a hoax it is, but now finally its out  —
“mcdonalds sell dayold burgers!” in the recent press,
well DUHHH, how is THAT news?
Theres a mcdonalds here but i never ever buy burgers there,
whenever i want a burger i usually go to Skansen-grillen,
failing that i visit Sibylla, unlike crappy mcdonalds one can actually
SEE ones food getting prepared,
and now today they reported that —
“mcdonalds messes with employees wages”,
well DUHHH, how is THAT news?
Its a multibillion dollar conglomerate, thats what they do.

*Why conglomerate busineses all are frauds*
And profit for the shareholder$ is the nr 1 rule they have,
its the exactly same with the antidownload antipeer2peer stuff,
do you REALLY think the execs at Warner gives a tosser
about the writers of britney spears songs rights?
Nope, its ALL about providing funds for shareholder$
and makig profit$, so whenever yoo hear their cries of
“were getting bankrupt!” you can relax, they arent,
they dont count like us normals do,
they COUNT and base their economics on a specified
profit margin, “this year we will earn 300 million dollars”
and budgetise everything around it (believe it or not),
and if they earn 279 million dollars, then, in their eyes,
they havent done a 279 million dollar profit, no,
theyre SET BACK 21 million dollars….
And usually they then get grants from the state, ie us normals,
to “cover up” from their nonprofit year (rem they actually did
go 279 million dollars plus, but in the world of shareholding
profit margins economics, its a loss of 21 million dollars),
i wish i could do that too,
i budgetise for a 40000 dollars profit next month,
then ooops i only got like 2000, great, then i can get a
government grant to coverup for the loss of 38000 dollars,
e-x-a-c-t-l-y all those multibillion dollars companies,
so when you hear those retards bitchin about going bankrupt,
now you know they dont, not even close, its all about
profits, and thats why i occasionally download stuff
from the internet, knowing that IF the poor uberrich execs at
warner and other companies goes back on their earnings,
the government, ie me, gives them what they need to ensure
the bonuses and wealth for them, so in effect,
whatever i download, i already paid (or will pay) for by my
taxes  =)
Sweden vs Canada in world champs tonight,
2 hours to go, geeez cant wait :p



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