i effin HATE setpoint software

stupid retarded morons at Logitech,
they make the best gaming mices there is,
i bought a new MX518 optical gaming mouse last night
to replace my older one, but one MUST install the Setpoint
software while installing new drivers, WHY the fuck is that, then?
WHY cant one install simply the drivers while installing the drivers?
NOOO the user MUST install setpoint too, but the problem is,
i have NO use for it now, or ever, all it does now is run in background
eating resources, and if i shut it down then my mouse wont work properly,
such fucking HORSESHIT,
So now im runnin my mouse via the USB instead,
it works surprisingly well, one just has to mess with the
firefox about:config to make the buttons 6 and 7 work,
thats the backspace behaviour in the mouse
so, again,
My next mouse will def NOT be a logitech


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