q-whats more puny than italian footballers?

a-czheck hockeyplayers, i mean did you see how EASY they always
fall over in the final game against CCCP? so uberpathetic,
i hate czheck hockey players, such weiners and mofos —
bunch o’bitches, and poor lil jagr got a bodycheck, oooh
poor lil 40yearold HASBEEN got a check,
there there, lets blow a lil carefully, feel better?
So stupid, it was a legtimate bodycheck fffs,
“too low” my ass, if you wanna see how to perform a
slightly too low bodycheck then watch Ulf Samuelsson’s
perfectly executed check on Cam Neely back in 92,
now THATS how its done =)    (Cam Neely=bitchin wanker)


np – Prodigy – Fat of the land,
their only truly excellent album, everything prior is
stupid puny techno and everything after it sounds
like Scooter (german uberstupid technoband)


nv – season 9 of King of Queens, its the very last season  😦
(nv=now viewing)


speaking of music, whatever happened to
Orgy, the kinda lightweight version of NIN?  I kinda liked them

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