“fastest browser on the planet”

 ummmm not exactly, no. Opera yaps about how their
Opera browser is the fastest browser ever,
which in my experience isnt true.
My chosen Gecko engine browser is faster,
no frills and no bs there, it def is faster than Opera,
but yes, Opeera def should be the fastest,
cuss when it loads its pretty bare, no extra frills
in form of script control, adblock-banner block addons etc,
but looking at the code lately its not looking good
at all, i can foresee all kinds of unforeseeable problems
on the horizon, but im not gonna elaborate on it,
i have done that a lot before, all i can say is that for now,
theres no chance at all that Opera will be my default
browser ever, somehow its a “Old woman kinda browser”,
its perfect for ONLY checking your mails,
and pretty much nothing else, i def wouldnt recommend it for
anything more advanced than checking your mailbox,
no script control, no ability to block the bad stuff on the
internet, yes ok if ones an expert in c++ one can
dabble with that, in other words the “userfriendly approach”
the Opera dev team yaps about is a huge pile of
roosterpoop, there is NO user friendliness whatsoever.
And the fanbase community exists of like
4 lonesome Norwegian spotty dweeb noobs located in
like Bergen or somewhere close there, ALL
forum posts on Opera dev team exists of four
people, no wonder then noone i know uses Opera….
Not ALL are coders and proggers, most users
are somewhere between “Klas-playing-counterstrike-
aka (oblivious) noobs and “soccermoms-whos-having-
aka uninterested in browser-puters,
hmmm come to think of it, no wonder
m$ IE still is used by so many,
theyre either too dumb to use something else or
too stupid to even contemplate using something
else, either cuss of the two scenarios i mentioned
In conclusion, Opera may not be my browser of choice
but, as said before, its BETTER than IE, but then again
tell me ONE browser that isnt ..

Quote of teh day  —
“Im extremely proud of my former job at
microsoft and the work i did on the windows 3.11″,
Gabe Newbell, ceo of ValvE (responsible for Halflife
series, but NO they did NOT produce Counterstrike
which is a mod for Halflife 1, they simply bought up the rights
to it once it was fully developed, then slammed us with
Steam and effectively killed off the fun part of CS)
and i dont know how to even begin commenting on
such a (immensly retarded) comment,
maybe mr Noobell has eaten too many burgers and thus
the fat clogged his braincells?  I mean check online for
a pic of him, hes one obese dumblooking ex-m$
employee, and not much else ..



italy is OUT =)

Slovakia won, fair and square =)
The reigning champions didnt even
go off to the first round in the
finals, what a lame performance there,
same with France, the runnersup in 2006
against italy, none of them made it to
the first round in the finals,
i do wonder what excuses and conspiracy theories
the italian press will present tomorrow?

viva ANTI italia :D

I really really really really really REALLY
want italy to LOSE against Slovakia,
the match just started …


just before the footie started today
i was watchin Accordin to Jim,
i like Jim Belushi, and no he isnt John Belushi
but so what? I like him anyways, anyhow
when the commercials came on i zapped
around on all my 6 channels (this isnt the good
old days when i had 30 channels, stupid digital
telly and retarded digital boxes that prohibits
pirate boxes) and there was this oldtime film
from like 1937 or whatever with shirley temple,
and after 5 mins with that all i could think about was
how i would love to kick her teeth out,
and then stomp her uber-righteous lil body
into the ground so she would disappear forever


Woow England actually C0UlD win a match in world cup?!?
who knew huh, speakin of that i read some article
in Aftonbajet about the UK team, there was a pic of
looney oops sorry, rooney, terry, lampard et al,
and then above them they had photoshopped in pics
of the respetive missus, geeeeeeeeeeeez can you spell
golddiggin uberblonde sluts haha,
but then again, who can blame them,
the footballers all have looks thats usually described
as “an appearance that only a mom could love” ^^
But in the case oif beckham and that uberskanky yucky
vicky, i wonder whos the golddiggin skank of those
2 hmmmmmmmm
i wonder how they have sex, i mean how does
beckham actually find vicks, shes all skin and bones,
ibet hes had sex with the pillowcase more than one
time thinking that that was her ;o
altho the rumour has it that beckham is the
pillowbiter, and vicky is wearing a strapon,
i bet its a black 13incher haha   😮
I also wonder whos the most nonintelligent of
Johnny “Bråttom” Ekström and beckham,
together they still wouldnt reach a 3-digit IQ level,
but maybe beckham could tell Johnny exactly
where spaghetti grows huh ^^

go0gle = whores

My life without Google

Interesting post on blocking the g0ogle
monopoly-machine, we had same benefits,
pages loading faster cuss the go0gle scripting is
blocked, we have a much bigger integrity by blocking
go0gle, but the downsides he mentions i cant say happened
to me, but thats cuss i dont use ask.com nor yahoo.com
(everything yahoo, or yahell as some call it, is blocked here,
i was dead tired of their retarded laggydom, funny how EACH
and EVERY site that splits their site into smaller subdomains
ALWAYS gets way laggier, i rem go0gletoob did that
and then half the vids either lagged like the dogs own b0llocks
and/or skipped and jumped more often than a any common
pronstar changed partner, and imagefap, however gaylord it is
i kinda use it to share pron to the world, since they recently
split up in a lot of smaller subdomains, its been laggier than
before) instead i use a combo of ixquick.com (110 pcg FREE of
anything google BUT they have a HUGE flaw, just like micro$ofts
worthless search engine Bong one has to have an account to log in
to avoid getting filtered while searching) and Scroogle Scraper,
they use go0gle search engine BUT they dont track you in any way,
having multiple search engines is a fairly good way to confuse
the snoopers out there, im no fool, i have blocked go0gle everywhere
(hosts, Peerblock, Adblock, and other secret tools) but i know theres
always some new go0gle crap and/or affiliated parties
that logs stuff i do on ‘teh internets’, but this way is the best way
i know to avoid it as much as i can  =)

Using Flock browser has the disadvantage of not being able to utilize
the latest addons available for Firefox (3.6.3 is the latest update afaik)
but i managed to use all the addons (except one, Eraser ((by Vikram
aka JC Denton, Doom3 modder extraordinaire)) cuss of some hardcoded
scritping i havent hacked yet, but all the other addons that DONT work for
Flock as Adblock, Stealther, CookieCuller, Web Developer etc etc
they do work on my puter, its fairly easy procedure on most of them,
just open up the .rdf and change some lines with Wordpad
and it works,  one cna even mix n match some,
like the Clear Cache Button addon, not only did i change it so
Flock can use it, i did have the thought of “hmmmm why limit the button to
ONLY clear the cache, why not make it clear everything else as well,
cookies, passwords, filled-in forms, history etc etc?”
Now thats exactly what it does, in just ONE click the browser
refreshes itself back to when i started the ssession, everything is cleared,
hehe id LOVE to see THAT being enabled in I.E, from what i can rem
of IE (havent used it at all since 2003 or early 2004) it takes at least
7-8 clicks to erase everything hmmm lets see, Internet options,
settings, cookies, clear, settings, activex, clear, settings, etc etc …
WHY anyone in the world thats not forced to use IE would even
consider using it, and let alone actually do USE it, is beyond me,
do these people like to be hijacked? Do they enjoy having
activex driveby trojan inserted into their puters? Do they like having
their puters infested with crap thats manufactured solely for IE users??
Seriously, i dont understand, in this day and age with loads of
way better and way superior alternatives are out there for FREE,
why the heck use the browser that micro$oft wants you to use???
Corporate monopoly is a pest and we all should do whatever we can do
to avoid monopoly, imagine the computers today that we COULD have had
if micro$oft wasnt in such a monopolistic satue,
computers restarting the OS within 1 sec after one pressed Restart
(thats no fantasy, scripters, coders and various compouter sources
argues that computers rebooting with just one click and under 1 sec
WILL come) and as always, everything that pushes the technology forward
in these matters all comes from the Linux (and other freeware OS)
community, NOTHING truly innovating has ever come from micro$oft,
its very simple why – micro$oft isnt about innovation, its ALL about
maintaining their position and nothing else, feeding the shareholders
and filling their pockets, THATs what micro$oft is about, without micro$oft
we prob would have had the computers from around 2025 now,
and the same applies to the go0gle monopoly,
diff between them are that micro$oft, however crappy they are,
they actually produce something, whereas go0gle contributes NOTHING,
everything they “own” is information, information about US,
you and me, in effect go0gle is a whore, a leech, a louse,
a gyppo, everything they do can easily be done by others,
simply cuss they dont do jack shit, its like those nonsharing leeches in
WinMX (if anybody rem winmx haha)
checkout the site google-watch.org  for the  FACtS
about go0gle

-=OMW=- Clan Home of OMWmod :)

-=OMW=- Clan Home of OMWmod 🙂

hehe it seems to work,
i mean bloggin with Flock xD

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Soldier of Fortune 2 Files – Screenshots for File: Scope Pack

Soldier of Fortune 2 Files – Screenshots for File: Scope Pack

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