generation boring

tv6 runs generation kill every night,
usually 2-3 eps in a row,
a more boring and totally nonfripping series
is hard to imagine, every ep contains a cpl of the
soldiers walking 36 or so miles around iraq,
its actually reminiscent to tour de france where they
travel a distance around france each day, the difference is
that theres less car15:s, colt m4:s and kalashnikovs
in the french version, plus that its way more
interesting to witness the tour than the iraqi version,
one of the dullest series i ever saw,
the people that compared it to band of brothers has
no clue to what theyre talkin about

nw – the saint, sereies one (1962-1963)
way more interesting than generation kill  =)
and way cooler too
im also shakin loose to, as well as enjoying,
ep 07 ses 07 of family guy, the “safety dance”
ep hehe :p
 i also always wanted to do a breakin
to men without hats, talk about CLASS ! :p


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