time to switch browser

yup you heard me.
Altho i love Firefox, its head over heels superior,
in every sense, to IE, but lately ive felt its becoming
too hefty and cumbersome, Opera, in comparrison,
feels like a majestic, freeflying eagle whereas
Firefox is a dodo, it lifts off, barely, then fall back down.
So why not use Opera then you ask?
Cuss it lacks many features that i simply crave if im gonna be
on ‘the internets’, script control, ads-banner control etc,
so instead im looking into other Gecko engines,
Flock, just like Firefox, is a Gecko engine,
K-Meleon is another, those 2 are the prime ones
im gonna try out soon, neither of them has, afaik,
that UBER-RETARDED Geolocation bullshit built into them,
thats another reason im gonna switch from Firefox,
they have the Geolocation hardcoded into the Firefox,
they claim one can disable it but its not entirely true, ive tested it
thoroughly and despise it being disabled many sites
pinpointed my location down to around 10 meters,
im so NEVER EVER gonna approve that, talk about
MAJOR security issues, i mean MAJOR UBER-MAJOR,
WHY the phuck did the idiots at Mozilla built in that
crapage into Firefox? WHY couldnt they have released it as an
addon or extension so that people who actually WANTS to be
pinpointed, tracked, categorized, located, supervised and controlled
can simply install it, theres absolutely NO need for the
googlebased (of course, what did you expect?
ANYTHING that involves   pinpointing, tracking, categorizing,
location, supervision and control is always always google)
“service” and i know many users has said the same thing  —
Firefox is bloated today and its kinda pathetic they cant
get a hang on the memoryleaks, but i guess when they started
to work with google, it had to become a flop,
anyhow, despite all of this, id recommend it over IE any day.
Im also thinking of trying Safari, Apples browser,
and maybe Arora, well see


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