So far i tested Arora, which is the same type of
browser as Chrome, the Webkit family,
Arora dont have the retarded bull that google
filled Chrome with tho, thats one reason ill never
ever use Chrome, anyhow its a fairly nice browser,
reminisacent of Opera, loads quick, easy to use-understand interface,
but it lacks in some depts, just like Opera,
as i already mentioned i want total control over the scripting
so i can call it MY browser, if i were to use googles chrome
i could never ever claim that, then id have doubleclick sittin on my
right shoulder and google analytics on my left shoulder
and theres nothing i could do about it, theres NO option
to not being uberchecked and profiled if one uses
googles chrome, anyhow the Arora comes free of anything
google in it, and its a fairly nice choice for backup browser,
I also tried out Mozillas Flock, which is virtually identical as
Firefox but with other alternatives and a diff approach,
anyone who uses fuckFacebook, Twitter, Youtube,
Msn mail, gmail, flicker etc common social stuff
would love this, all of that is incorporated in the toolbar,
everything is accessible with just one click,
i have no use for it tho obviously, so i stripped it all
away, leaving whats basically is a slightly older version
of Firefox, but much much faster than default Firefox 3.6.3,
and with a HUGE plus, theres NO GeoLocation in it  =)
The only drawback is that most of the Addons im using for
Firefox 3.6.3 dont work, or they only work halfways,
and yes DUH i KNOW how to disable the extensions.check.compability
in about:config, but still it wont work, not even after i personally
changed the “minimum” version in each and every Addon,
theres some code somewhere that screws it,
so ill prob not use Flock but i can recommend it for people
who, as stated, uses a lot of social online stuff,
but this far into my testing i got the idea of
finding an older version of Firefox WITHOUT the dumbassed
GeoLocation bull thats hardcoded into Firefox 3.5 and up,
and NO you cant disable that “feature” as such, thats just a myth
Mozilla dev team tries to fool us with, ive done extensive tests
and come to the conclusion that putting the “Geo.enabled”
to “false” wont change shite, google can still pinpoint me to
a circle of about 6 feet radius, and that leaves me all cold,
WHO will in the end benefit from such techniques, is it me?
Nope, hell no, you do the maths, I can see how both Adolf and
Josef licks their mouths in hell thinking of googles geolocation..
Anyhow, i downloaded an older version of Firefox (you dont need
to know the exact version) without GeoLocation coding,
and all the Addons, without one, works perfectly,
and i also noticed how, yet again, Mozilla dev team are liars,
they claimed that 3.63 is a LOT faster than older versions,
and thats simply horseshit, this version im using loads in a matter
of seconds whereas 3.63 took over 20 seconds to load,
and this version feels more fresh than 3.63, which is a bit of a
mystery, but nevertheless, im sticking with this older
Firefox version for now, but im still gonna try out other
browsers, just for fun, K-Meleon is next,
and maybe retry the Iron browser, just like Arora its a
Webkit browser aka same as google chrome but without
the snooping crap in it, i did try it briefly a while back
but i dint try it that much, i think it was cuss i was forced
to do a windoze reinstall, shit appens  :O


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