first post with Flock browser

ive tested Arora browser a lot and i can safely
say it wont ever be my numero uno choice,
if you rem how it was about 10 years ago or so while
pronsurfing (and if you say you havent you either lie
or are dead) with all those banners going by trying to take
your attention from the smut on the screen, if you could actually
SEE any smut, for every pronpic theres like 47 banners and gifs and
flash and other crap not to mention a lot of bullshite google snooper scripts
and counter and trackers and whatever that IE, or Internets Crasher
as everybody i know call it, THATS how surfing on pronsites is with Arora
TODAY, for simple reasons – no form of script control,
not even some uberbasic UI of any kind (i dont count a yes-no javascript
checkbox to be ANY form of control, without javascript nothing works),
not even any form of turning off those annoying gifs (i actually had forget
about them cuss i havent seen any in over 6 years), no flash control,
which totally sucks now that a lot of ads and banners are fed by flash
(ty macromedia, you suck), there is a uberbasic adblock UI,
but its not working, in other words, with Arora im disarmed,
nude, tied down and contiously buttraped by each and every
webmasters wim, one cant even, and get this, one cannot even
point Arora to use a Proxy…! Such crap browser, the only reason to ever use
it if ALL other browsers in the world explodes, ok i would choose it over
IE but that says absolutely NOTHING, and ok if ALL you do is check
mails you can use it, but beware the cookie control dont work either,
it has a Filter tracking cookies, but did that work then? Nope,
i got the worst ubertracking cookies ever placed onto my computer….

Blogged with the Flock Browser

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