just before the footie started today
i was watchin Accordin to Jim,
i like Jim Belushi, and no he isnt John Belushi
but so what? I like him anyways, anyhow
when the commercials came on i zapped
around on all my 6 channels (this isnt the good
old days when i had 30 channels, stupid digital
telly and retarded digital boxes that prohibits
pirate boxes) and there was this oldtime film
from like 1937 or whatever with shirley temple,
and after 5 mins with that all i could think about was
how i would love to kick her teeth out,
and then stomp her uber-righteous lil body
into the ground so she would disappear forever


Woow England actually C0UlD win a match in world cup?!?
who knew huh, speakin of that i read some article
in Aftonbajet about the UK team, there was a pic of
looney oops sorry, rooney, terry, lampard et al,
and then above them they had photoshopped in pics
of the respetive missus, geeeeeeeeeeeez can you spell
golddiggin uberblonde sluts haha,
but then again, who can blame them,
the footballers all have looks thats usually described
as “an appearance that only a mom could love” ^^
But in the case oif beckham and that uberskanky yucky
vicky, i wonder whos the golddiggin skank of those
2 hmmmmmmmm
i wonder how they have sex, i mean how does
beckham actually find vicks, shes all skin and bones,
ibet hes had sex with the pillowcase more than one
time thinking that that was her ;o
altho the rumour has it that beckham is the
pillowbiter, and vicky is wearing a strapon,
i bet its a black 13incher haha   😮
I also wonder whos the most nonintelligent of
Johnny “Bråttom” Ekström and beckham,
together they still wouldnt reach a 3-digit IQ level,
but maybe beckham could tell Johnny exactly
where spaghetti grows huh ^^


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