“fastest browser on the planet”

 ummmm not exactly, no. Opera yaps about how their
Opera browser is the fastest browser ever,
which in my experience isnt true.
My chosen Gecko engine browser is faster,
no frills and no bs there, it def is faster than Opera,
but yes, Opeera def should be the fastest,
cuss when it loads its pretty bare, no extra frills
in form of script control, adblock-banner block addons etc,
but looking at the code lately its not looking good
at all, i can foresee all kinds of unforeseeable problems
on the horizon, but im not gonna elaborate on it,
i have done that a lot before, all i can say is that for now,
theres no chance at all that Opera will be my default
browser ever, somehow its a “Old woman kinda browser”,
its perfect for ONLY checking your mails,
and pretty much nothing else, i def wouldnt recommend it for
anything more advanced than checking your mailbox,
no script control, no ability to block the bad stuff on the
internet, yes ok if ones an expert in c++ one can
dabble with that, in other words the “userfriendly approach”
the Opera dev team yaps about is a huge pile of
roosterpoop, there is NO user friendliness whatsoever.
And the fanbase community exists of like
4 lonesome Norwegian spotty dweeb noobs located in
like Bergen or somewhere close there, ALL
forum posts on Opera dev team exists of four
people, no wonder then noone i know uses Opera….
Not ALL are coders and proggers, most users
are somewhere between “Klas-playing-counterstrike-
aka (oblivious) noobs and “soccermoms-whos-having-
aka uninterested in browser-puters,
hmmm come to think of it, no wonder
m$ IE still is used by so many,
theyre either too dumb to use something else or
too stupid to even contemplate using something
else, either cuss of the two scenarios i mentioned
In conclusion, Opera may not be my browser of choice
but, as said before, its BETTER than IE, but then again
tell me ONE browser that isnt ..

Quote of teh day  —
“Im extremely proud of my former job at
microsoft and the work i did on the windows 3.11″,
Gabe Newbell, ceo of ValvE (responsible for Halflife
series, but NO they did NOT produce Counterstrike
which is a mod for Halflife 1, they simply bought up the rights
to it once it was fully developed, then slammed us with
Steam and effectively killed off the fun part of CS)
and i dont know how to even begin commenting on
such a (immensly retarded) comment,
maybe mr Noobell has eaten too many burgers and thus
the fat clogged his braincells?  I mean check online for
a pic of him, hes one obese dumblooking ex-m$
employee, and not much else ..



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