well it seems im finnaly gettin back on track,
my new ISP didnt work properly, most likely it was
Winsocks, but now it works and now is the insurmountable
task of reinstalling everything, update them all and then
tweak them ………………………………………….
The Spain vs Paraguay match earlier tonight was a very
weird, but highly enjoyable match, but i wonder how many
spaniards got heart failures from it haha  ^^

I know what new Depeche Mode album will be called,
or at least a very very likely approx of it,
1990 had Violator, then 2001 had Exciter,
and around 2010-2011 it will come,
and my guess is that the name will be something like
Terminator, Dominator,Castrator, something along
those names for sure, just wait and see, im on to the
Martin Gore sexret trilogy plans :p
Altho i have no expectations on it,
they stopped writing truly good songs long ago,
Exciter had a cpl of few good tracks,
and the latest two albums had ummm 1 truly great song
in Precious, and 2-3 songs thats kinda ok,
but generally speaking Depeche Mode is pretty
much finished


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