is Eric Schmidt the worlds most lame individual?

“mr” Schmidt (funny that he has the identical
“geez im soon 55 but i look like a highschool
virgin” look that “mr” billy gates has)
has to be THE most doublestandard values
ever, hes head over go0gle, a company thats the
equivalent of being whores (they produce nothing,
they contribute nothing, all their income comes from
YOU and ME ie infoirmation about us, hailing from their
privacyintrusive crapage called Urchin, Adsense etc et al),
but if anyone uses google to search info about
go0gle themselves, then all hell breaks lose,
go0gle cant stand it if anyone uses public info
about themselves,
now if that isnt the very meaning
of doublestandards, then nothing is,
and thats why “mr” eric schmidt is a pathetic piece of
virginlookin roosterpoop.
Boycott go0gles pathetic attempts in being masters
of this planet, hasnt the UBER FLOP of micro$oft
demonstrated UBER CLEAR what a FLOP and BLUNDER
a internet  monopoly can be then ?
As with the case of micro$oft, the same applies
with go0gloe aka Open Source,
ALL inventive and groundbreaking inventions always
comes from Open Source, NOTHING has ever derived
from Closed source management, its that simple.

footie news, if one can call a homosexual, blind
referee for news,
it clearly WAS a penalty kick,
but that latinoloving homosexual referee
didnt make that RIGHT call,
and no i dont think that Spain didnt win fair and
square, they def did, but that penalty kick WAS
just that, it should most def have been a penalty kick.
Anyhow Holland will win Euro in the
weekend final match 🙂


Saw a very good docu today called
“Kraftwerk and the electronic revolution”
Highly recommended for anyone remotely interested
in the beginning and devlopment of electronic music


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