The Spanish team should be VERY grateful

to that referee, without him Holland would most
def have won the Euro finals
Firefox 4 is out but im not gonna dabble with
that beta, not until theres a full ready
release, im very cautious with Mozilla products
these days, Firefox is my fav browser but all this
bed-fellowing with go0gle will prove costly to
Mozilla in the end, once go0gle chrome has a bigger
share of the market, WHY would go0gle simply
give their support away for free to Mozilla and their
Firefox? Cuss they wont, go0gle is profithungry
conglomerate company driven by shareholder values
a la micro$oft, and go0gle have ambitions to dominate
the whole internet, and they want all the info they possibly
can obtain about us as well, and with their new
Operating System plans (nicknamed Monolith)
and the indifference with most internet users these days,
they wont give up until they rule everything,
dystopia you say? Hardly, within a 5year span
go0gle will be bigger than micro$oft,
which of course sucks major backside for everybody,
the internet should NOT be monopolized, not by micro$oft,
not by go0gle, that can only result in total
stagnation and a deep profound lack of new technology,
and groundbreaking explorations,
every company driven by profithunger has always
looked to maintaining and controlling,
not to “boldly go where noone has gone before”,
OpenSource is the only way to go 🙂


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