browser adventures goes on

Ive tested and uninstalled the SRW Iron browser now,
they claim its 100 pcg free of go0gles “fingerprints”
which is sheer nonsense and outright LIES,
going thru the architecture its filled to the brim with
go0gles crap, and i swear ive seen the term “get uniqueID”
and the equivalent of “ship everything back to go0gle”
at least 400 times, “no privacy and security issues like the
google chrome (Iron IS the same but, allegedly and wrongfully,
its NOT go0gefreee at all!)”?
My bollocks, the makers of Iron are a bunch of lying fucktards,
wouldnt be surprised if its go0gle anomously thats producing
this browser thats “free of security and intrusive features
that go0gle ships it with”, dont use if it you care about
your privacy and security, and as the with the Arora browser,
the blocking of third-party cookies dont work at all,
i tried it and pronsurfed a tad, and i then checked the cookies,
ssooo many thirdparty cookies fffs, doubleclikcdotnet (and com)
is THE thirdparty cookie of all thirdpartycookies,
and yet i had several of them in my Iron cache,
kinda funny tho, Iron is a go0gle browser that cant
block doubleclick cookies, and WHO owns doubleclick then?
Yup. go0gle……. go figure
Iron browser will never ever be installed again,
and its impossible to get rid of or block the
Geolocation “service”, no matter what i do,
its inbuilt/hardcoded into Iron, so much for
“open source browser” lol, HOW is it “open source” if a feature
cant be removed ?? GeeeEEeeez
screw SRW Iron and screw go0gle
AND Opera 10.60 also has the Geolocation “service”
and no, one cant fully block it, they claim, just like Mozilla,
that it CAN be blocked, but it isnt truly blocked, you are still
pinpointed down to a radius of 6 feet,
so there goes Opera off my installed apps list as well,
haha looks like i have to build my very own browser,
and i def would make one without all these “services” that
noone wants, except for hyped 16yearold spotty dweeby puternerds and
christmas kiddies, they think that Geolocation is cool, prob cuss
theyve seen it in a Bond film or whatever ….


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