own music plus others

All of my old bands official releases,
which was two cassettes (both sold out and out of print)
of “Sex with a gun” (yes i agree its a LOUSY title,
def NOT my idea) and “Once worth living” i personally
digitalized some time ago, was followed the other day by
the old tape simply called “Blue tape” (the original cover of
the cassette was replaced with some blueish paper, hence
the Blue tape reference, sometimes im as logical as a German;
call me KarlHeinz Rummenigge ^^) which has some demos-promo
versions plus the gig in Smedby (immensly poor quality tho),
the list is —
Anger (alt version),
All good things,
Always be there,
Anger (take two),
Compassion (90s remix),
In those places (studio live performance),
Interview (from television Kalmarjournalen),
Oh la la (starring Åsa Teleby),
Please dont leave me be (instrumental),
Pleasure (Dub),
I Choose,
and then the five live tracks of
So this is life,
You dont know,
(Social) interaction,
In those places,
Dying time
Along side the other nonofficial cassette of
“Insane works” this makes it 4 cd-s all in all,
not to blow my own trumpet but all credit of converting
them to digital format goes to me since i did everything =)
Now im hoping that Patrik will find that cassette that has a
very good song on it called “Next the third”, but hes such a lazy
bastard, maybe he needs a lil incentive, hmm i wonder what hed feel about
a track called “Rehabilitation” being “leaked” onto the intenrets huh …….

“The future is now” ..

Been rediscovering some old favs,
recentlky i dugf out some Japan cd-s,
“Assemblage” and “Oil on Canvas”,
both are Deluxe versions, so its a ton of extratracks
and alt versions, which is always nice,
im guessing most of the people who accidently wanders in here
have no clue to who Japan were, well too bad,
stick with your retarded eminem and lady gaga
thinking its great music, youll never know how
wrong you are 🙂
Anyhow japan had some great songs in “Quiet life”, my alltime
fav by Sylvian and the lads, other great ones include
“Ghosts” (i own a copy of the original single release, wonder if its
worth anything hmm), “Life in Tokyo”, “Visions of China”,
“Canton”, “The Art of Parties”, “Methods of Dance”, etc


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