in the name of Rome

Rereading a fav book of mine,
“In the name of Rome”
by Adrian Goldsworthy,
the same guy that wrote THE book about
Julius Caesar
his books are something that anybody even slighty
interested in the Romans should most def read,
theyre a far cry from the usual stiff and riigd “ancient”
books i used to find in the library (most were written
by obscure professors around 100 years ago)
and he has a certain undefined quality of bringing
them back to life, and its very interesting to read
about one of my fav generals ever ie Publius
Cornelius Scipio, prob more known as Scipio Africanus,
he defeated another giant of the ancient world ie
Hannibal (at Zama 202 bc) and its hard to find any litterature
about that, but im confident that with the times were living in
atm, with tv shows such as Rome and Spartacus and a general
lift in interest of Roman times, hopefully someone will
write a book about Scipio, hes sorta underrated imo,
im def no expert on the matter but i wouldnt
put Scipio far behind Caesar, if not at all, actually,
im not so sure Caesar would have defeated Scipio
had he lived 150 years later, and im fairly certain that
Scipio would most def have defeated Pompejus
as Caesar did (and yes i KNOW the english speaking
world says Pompey instead of Pompejus and
Mark Anthony instead of Marcus Antonius, but i prefer the original
latin spelling)


wonder if Kuken will show

at the class reunion in october,
“Kuken” (means simply “the cock” in Swe)
was some guy in the ummm special school
situated nextdoor to our school,
i think he might have been sorta Down syndrome
or something, he was like 10-15 years older than us,
anyhow whenever we saw him we always said “Hej kuken!” ie
Hello cock or similar, and app he didnt like that cuss one day
Rolle, one of us said that and then Kuken jumped him
and there was a huge bawl in the castle alley,
this was so long ago and so many fights ago that i
dont rem who won, but i suspect noone won, cuss
those special ed classes always have like 6 wardens
closeby, but man, what a effing memory that is haha ^^
A 14yearold guy and a retard at least trwice that age
fighting, that should be televised or something :p

Not sure ill go to it tho, for obvious reasons,
besides most i talked to app wont go,
the aforementioned Rolle will prob go,
but i know Lind wont, but i wonder why Oscar
wasnt invited??? He dead or something?


in my nevertiring effort in watching dvd-s
that absolutely noone else i know of is interested in,
i found some 4 dvdbox about the Rise and fall of
the Third Reich, i watched dvd3 which had very interesting
footage by Eva Braun (the chick who, according to many diff sources
was the one squatting over Adolfs face doing umm dirty things),
much of which i never seen before, but then again theres countless
hours of material, in colour, stored in some american
film institute somewhere
The more i play Front Line Assemblys latest offering,
“Improved Electronic Device”, the less i like it,
it def is one of the worst records by them ever,
its interesting to note that the “Tactical Neural Implant”,
from 1992 which is one the very best was followed by
the worst ever ie “Millennium”, that one had two good songs
on it in “This faith” and “Surface patterns”,
and in 2006 came “Artificial soldier” which id prob rank
as second best album ever by them was followed in 2010 by
the aforementioned “Improved Electronic Device” which had –
two good songs, “Shifting through the lense”
and “Angrif”, seems to me this is gonna be a common theme,
for every great album released by Mr Leeb there will be
a totally crappy album followed by it,
and for FLA fans that hasnt gotten the new album yet,
dont buy it, stick with the “Shifting through the lense” CDM
instead, that one has BOTH the good songs from the album

tv6 totally suxx during nighttime

first its Cheers, THE nr 1 show of all time that i HATE
beyond words, “Hi Norm!” – thats about how “funny” it gets,
total suckdom, how on earth it ran for like 57 seasons
ill never understand, 4 million aired hours with “Hi Norm!”
as the fun part, then its followed by
How i met your mother, poss THE most anal show ever
made, quasi-iintellectualism has never been that good (or bad),
the amazing part is that the main character,
some skinny puny honk, he actually had to come out of the closet
and confess to be gay before everybody app realised
he was a pillowbiter, I could spot it after about
15 seconds while watching one episode of that dreary, crappy
nonsense show, hes unbelievably gay fffs.
then its followed by those pathetic tattoo progs,
Miami Ink, a full hour of some semiretarded
tattoo “artist” yapping on and on about tattoos, and then
some even more retarded individual (usually a woman)
arrives to get a tattoo, funnily enough often its a girl thats
already covered in tattoos, talk about “preaching to
the converted”, its about as stupid as the commercials
with those Abflex or whatever theyre called,
those 299.99 $ tools thats suppoedly will
“turn you into Mark Spitzer within a fortnight and you dont
have to do any training whatsoever!” Uh uh yeah riiiiiiiight,
anyhow the people one sees in those commercials always
have perfect bodies, isnt that kinda cheating then?
Put one of those “ricki lake lousy tude sisterchicks” into
the commercial
instead, THAT would be interesting to see …
Therese Alshammar is in her own league —

why o why does this site employs chipmunks

as programmers?? Now when i login here i cant simply press
“new post” button anymore, and why? Simple, they removed it
from the main profile page, no doubt in an effort to make it
more cumbersome to actually post….
And i see they still have that LAME feature of
flooding the user with meaingless, superfluos cookies,
but i guess i have to endure such nooblike behaviours
now that i cant run Scribefire anylonger (nm why),
anyhow i just wanted to write that im still getting
surprised how fast my 100 mb line can be, just now i
was dl some new nvidia drivers (nope not the official ones from
nvidia, they always suck and theyre def NOT as stable as they
claim them to be, nor do i even go near the retarded and
worthless Omega drivers, whatever you do, do NOT even
contemplate in using Omega drivers, trust me on that one!)
and immediately after i pressed “download” i went to my
Firefox (theres really no other browser that comes close
to Firefox, BUT im not using a version with GeopLocation, nor will
i ever) Tools-Downloads menu to check the speed,
were talking about umm ca 2-3 seconds from having pressed the
“download” button until i opened up the Tools-Downloads menu,
and nothing was there, so i thought wth dint it start???
But i checked the folder where i dl drivers and yup,
it WAS there, the whole 87 mbit exe, that means it took less
than 3 seconds to dl 87 mbit…. 😀

Heres a lil tidbit to ponder on —
WHY on earth does the Heinz ketchup manufacturers
seal their bottles more tight than NASA does with the
space shuttle then??? Stupid heinz bottles,
one has to call for artillery and bomb that bottle to get it
open ffffs hmmmmmmmmmmmm

racist film and cookie monsters

Spielbergs anti european and highly
racist saving pvt ryan is on the telly atm,
as an European i take offensive by it,
one of the most anal films ever made,
everything american = pure goodness,
everything not american = pure evil,
such horseshit, its no better than any
oldtime film starring The Duke (ie John Wayne
for you illiterates) where all white cowboys equals
goodness and every indian/mexican equals pure evil,
they are racist and so is this spielberg film as well
How come some sites feels its necessary
to bloat the cookiefolder with like16 cookies then??
I rem hotmail (which i dont use anylonger)
was scripted to give every user 14 (!) cookies,
thats just roosterpoop and a sign of lame
scripting, at most, to cover every conceiveable
“service” by any site 3 or 4 cookies should
def be enough, even this wordpress site gives 8 cookies,
totally redundant

burn notice

been watching the Burn Notice show,
about some operative (a more popular,
but somewhat inaccurate term for it is a spy)
who gets burned unexpectantly whilst
being in Miami, so then he becomes sorta
Magnum, kinda PI and helps people. for cash,
its interesting how they mix reallife “spy stuff”
with total bull, I watched some episode from season 3
last night, the one with Burt reynolds costarring,
they fight a Spetznas operative team,
ummmm Spetznas (short for Spetzialnoje Naznatjenie,
meaning like Special Tasks or similar) is a top notch
russian military unit, they dont operate on foreign soil at all,
they would only do that in preparation for an invasion,
never ever would Spetznas function as undercover Operatives,
thats bullshit, thats not what they do, theyre NOT “spies”,
the russians have many other bureaus for that,
im not an expert on this topic, but i do know that Spetznas doesnt
do undercover work like that, its the same with the British
wouldnt send out some SAS (Special Air Service, the worlds
first special forces unit, formed during WW2) paratrooper
to infiltrate some embassy in country xx to obtain secret
classified documents on a new satellite, they would send
Operatrives thats trained for such jobs, ie MI6 Operatives
aka “spies” or “agents”, James Bond, prob the worlds most
nonrealistic Operative ever, belongs to MI6, MI5 deals with
internal domestic issues and MI6 with foreign,
anyhow Burn Notice is a fun show to watch,
but one thing bugs me, Gabrielle Anwar,
shes treated by everyone as a beautiful woman,
when in fact shes hideously fugly, thin as sarah jessica
parker (god wheres the barfbags gone??) and has the
retardadly oversized freaky lips of julia roberts
(a pic of her is worth 250 condom commecials),
in short shes FUGLY as hell, no womanly normal curves
whatsoever, if the wind is too strong i bet shed
get swept away, unless she can extend those freakishly
huge lips like some ocotpus and suck herself
to some lamppost or something, brrrrr she leaves me
stone cold :I
The main character dirves a nice car tho,
some black Dodge Charger from early 70s,
geeez they could surely produce sexy cars back then :p
Anything thats called a car but has fewer than EIGHT
cylinders, isnt a car, its that simple. For reference
the carchase in Bullitt was with Steves green
Ford Mustang hatchback (sexy car indeed :p)
and a black 1968 (i think) Dodge Charger,
both stunning cars, i once had a neighbour
that owned a metallicred 68 Pontiac GTO,
now THATS a sexy car hehe =)
who cares if they burn half the tank just backing out
from the garage ffs, its irrelevant
and all i wanna do now is play the BEST ever “cargame”
made ie Driver for PSX, man if i had a psx joypad (is it called
joypad?? or joystick? playstick?) that actually worked,
id be playing it now :p
Tanner pwnez :p