burn notice

been watching the Burn Notice show,
about some operative (a more popular,
but somewhat inaccurate term for it is a spy)
who gets burned unexpectantly whilst
being in Miami, so then he becomes sorta
Magnum, kinda PI and helps people. for cash,
its interesting how they mix reallife “spy stuff”
with total bull, I watched some episode from season 3
last night, the one with Burt reynolds costarring,
they fight a Spetznas operative team,
ummmm Spetznas (short for Spetzialnoje Naznatjenie,
meaning like Special Tasks or similar) is a top notch
russian military unit, they dont operate on foreign soil at all,
they would only do that in preparation for an invasion,
never ever would Spetznas function as undercover Operatives,
thats bullshit, thats not what they do, theyre NOT “spies”,
the russians have many other bureaus for that,
im not an expert on this topic, but i do know that Spetznas doesnt
do undercover work like that, its the same with the British
wouldnt send out some SAS (Special Air Service, the worlds
first special forces unit, formed during WW2) paratrooper
to infiltrate some embassy in country xx to obtain secret
classified documents on a new satellite, they would send
Operatrives thats trained for such jobs, ie MI6 Operatives
aka “spies” or “agents”, James Bond, prob the worlds most
nonrealistic Operative ever, belongs to MI6, MI5 deals with
internal domestic issues and MI6 with foreign,
anyhow Burn Notice is a fun show to watch,
but one thing bugs me, Gabrielle Anwar,
shes treated by everyone as a beautiful woman,
when in fact shes hideously fugly, thin as sarah jessica
parker (god wheres the barfbags gone??) and has the
retardadly oversized freaky lips of julia roberts
(a pic of her is worth 250 condom commecials),
in short shes FUGLY as hell, no womanly normal curves
whatsoever, if the wind is too strong i bet shed
get swept away, unless she can extend those freakishly
huge lips like some ocotpus and suck herself
to some lamppost or something, brrrrr she leaves me
stone cold :I
The main character dirves a nice car tho,
some black Dodge Charger from early 70s,
geeez they could surely produce sexy cars back then :p
Anything thats called a car but has fewer than EIGHT
cylinders, isnt a car, its that simple. For reference
the carchase in Bullitt was with Steves green
Ford Mustang hatchback (sexy car indeed :p)
and a black 1968 (i think) Dodge Charger,
both stunning cars, i once had a neighbour
that owned a metallicred 68 Pontiac GTO,
now THATS a sexy car hehe =)
who cares if they burn half the tank just backing out
from the garage ffs, its irrelevant
and all i wanna do now is play the BEST ever “cargame”
made ie Driver for PSX, man if i had a psx joypad (is it called
joypad?? or joystick? playstick?) that actually worked,
id be playing it now :p
Tanner pwnez :p


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