racist film and cookie monsters

Spielbergs anti european and highly
racist saving pvt ryan is on the telly atm,
as an European i take offensive by it,
one of the most anal films ever made,
everything american = pure goodness,
everything not american = pure evil,
such horseshit, its no better than any
oldtime film starring The Duke (ie John Wayne
for you illiterates) where all white cowboys equals
goodness and every indian/mexican equals pure evil,
they are racist and so is this spielberg film as well
How come some sites feels its necessary
to bloat the cookiefolder with like16 cookies then??
I rem hotmail (which i dont use anylonger)
was scripted to give every user 14 (!) cookies,
thats just roosterpoop and a sign of lame
scripting, at most, to cover every conceiveable
“service” by any site 3 or 4 cookies should
def be enough, even this wordpress site gives 8 cookies,
totally redundant


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