why o why does this site employs chipmunks

as programmers?? Now when i login here i cant simply press
“new post” button anymore, and why? Simple, they removed it
from the main profile page, no doubt in an effort to make it
more cumbersome to actually post….
And i see they still have that LAME feature of
flooding the user with meaingless, superfluos cookies,
but i guess i have to endure such nooblike behaviours
now that i cant run Scribefire anylonger (nm why),
anyhow i just wanted to write that im still getting
surprised how fast my 100 mb line can be, just now i
was dl some new nvidia drivers (nope not the official ones from
nvidia, they always suck and theyre def NOT as stable as they
claim them to be, nor do i even go near the retarded and
worthless Omega drivers, whatever you do, do NOT even
contemplate in using Omega drivers, trust me on that one!)
and immediately after i pressed “download” i went to my
Firefox (theres really no other browser that comes close
to Firefox, BUT im not using a version with GeopLocation, nor will
i ever) Tools-Downloads menu to check the speed,
were talking about umm ca 2-3 seconds from having pressed the
“download” button until i opened up the Tools-Downloads menu,
and nothing was there, so i thought wth dint it start???
But i checked the folder where i dl drivers and yup,
it WAS there, the whole 87 mbit exe, that means it took less
than 3 seconds to dl 87 mbit…. 😀

Heres a lil tidbit to ponder on —
WHY on earth does the Heinz ketchup manufacturers
seal their bottles more tight than NASA does with the
space shuttle then??? Stupid heinz bottles,
one has to call for artillery and bomb that bottle to get it
open ffffs hmmmmmmmmmmmm


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