tv6 totally suxx during nighttime

first its Cheers, THE nr 1 show of all time that i HATE
beyond words, “Hi Norm!” – thats about how “funny” it gets,
total suckdom, how on earth it ran for like 57 seasons
ill never understand, 4 million aired hours with “Hi Norm!”
as the fun part, then its followed by
How i met your mother, poss THE most anal show ever
made, quasi-iintellectualism has never been that good (or bad),
the amazing part is that the main character,
some skinny puny honk, he actually had to come out of the closet
and confess to be gay before everybody app realised
he was a pillowbiter, I could spot it after about
15 seconds while watching one episode of that dreary, crappy
nonsense show, hes unbelievably gay fffs.
then its followed by those pathetic tattoo progs,
Miami Ink, a full hour of some semiretarded
tattoo “artist” yapping on and on about tattoos, and then
some even more retarded individual (usually a woman)
arrives to get a tattoo, funnily enough often its a girl thats
already covered in tattoos, talk about “preaching to
the converted”, its about as stupid as the commercials
with those Abflex or whatever theyre called,
those 299.99 $ tools thats suppoedly will
“turn you into Mark Spitzer within a fortnight and you dont
have to do any training whatsoever!” Uh uh yeah riiiiiiiight,
anyhow the people one sees in those commercials always
have perfect bodies, isnt that kinda cheating then?
Put one of those “ricki lake lousy tude sisterchicks” into
the commercial
instead, THAT would be interesting to see …
Therese Alshammar is in her own league —


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